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“creationists’ Success in Turkey is A Matter Of Concern To Evolutionists”

A report carried on 18 April, 2007, on the web site of the Armenian news agency Armenews discussed the impact of the works of Adnan Oktar, based on the fact of creation, both in Turkey and internationally. The report referred to how the impact in Turkey of the work of Adnan Oktar and the BAV was a deep-rooted one, and related that Truman State University’s Assistant Professor of Physics Taner Edis estimated that if this organization disappeared tomorrow, the Turkish population would still remain tilted towards creationism.

Quoting from a report on the subject in the French daily Le Temps, the report went on to say:

A book by the name of Atlas of Creation, which is based on the Qur’an and rejects the theory of evolution, has been widely distributed in Switzerland. The editor of the book is from Turkey, where Darwinism is increasingly losing ground.

We are at the publisher, Global Publishing … After France and Belgium, Switzerland has now made the acquaintance of the latest book by Adnan Oktar, who writes under the pen-name of Harun Yahya. Despite the criticism directed towards the book it still deals a lethal blow to Darwin’s theory of evolution. Emre Calikoglu says “These criticisms are the proof of our success.” …

More or less everyone here speaks French. BAV President Tarkan Yavas, who is very optimistic regarding creationism, laughingly tells us: “We are curious, too. Will they really burn the book under the EiffelTower, as they said they would?” and adds: “some 6 million films and DVDs by Adnan Oktar are downloaded from the Internet every month. People will soon ask themselves why they had not realized the truth earlier.”

In Turkey, the struggle against evolution appears to have achieved an almost total victory. A study published in Science magazine and carried out by MichiganUniversity in 32 countries reveals that Turkey is the country in which Darwinism is held in the least esteem. According to accurate figures determined by the TurkishAcademy of Sciences, 5% of students believe in Darwinism, 25% say they find it insufficient and 75% absolutely reject it.

The accounts given by the dynamic creationist Adnan Oktar have caused Darwin to lose all credibility in Turkey … The Creation Museum opened in Istanbul, the conferences, and the distribution of the work by a deputy in Parliament; his influence is increasing.

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