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The Global Impact Of Harun Yahya’s Book Islam Denounces Terrorism

The book Terrorism: Essential Primary Sources (Social Issues Primary Sources Collection: Terrorism), published by Thomson Gale on 2 December, 2005, contains fundamental matters that need to be known with regard to terrorism, historical events, important quotations and sources that need to be employed.

In addition to works by world-renowned academics, the book also presents the major work Islam Denounces Terrorism by Adnan Oktar, under the pen-name Harun Yahya.

This book by Adnan Oktar which, in addition to Turkish and English, has been published in German, Chinese, Indonesian, Azeri, Serbo-Croat, Albanian, Russian and French, is examined in the chapter “Terrorism and Society.”

The book describes how Islam Denounces Terrorism is having a huge impact in the Muslim world, particularly in Turkey, and how a documentary film based on it is available over the Internet. The study also includes the book’s content, foreword and author’s related web sites.

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