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“the Atlas Of Creation” In Switzerland

The 29 March, 2007, edition of Le Temps, one of Switzerland’s major dailies, carried a report headed “Islamic Creationism Has Now Reached Switzerland,” written by Olivier Dissibourg.

The report considered the effect in Switzerland of Harun Yahya’s Atlas of Creation, which has had a major impact world-wide. It went on to say that after France, the Atlas of Creation has been despatched to a large number of academics in Switzerland. It then described the book in these terms:

Over 770 pages the author, a Turkish Muslim, maintains that he has revealed “the deceptions of evolutionists.” The method employed is a simple one: fossils of fish, insects or mammals, many millions of years old, have been placed alongside similar specimens alive today. The result: a visual comparison proves that both creatures are identical for which reason, contrary to what Darwin theorized, no species, man included, ever underwent evolution. The same creationist message is set out over hundreds of pages.

In addition, the report considers the technical presentation of the book, saying that “its cover is adorned with a plastic hologram, printed on glossy paper and translated into several languages.”

The report also described other works by the author:

Citing the Qur’an as proof, over the last 20 years the writer has produced works on the creation of the Earth, faith and politics, translated into 57 languages.

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