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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 1 May 2012

Previously, communists really used to put on airs. They would wear earthy colors and look all intellectual. Some of the people were regarded as ignorant. And there really were a great many bigots in those days. Bigots were to the fore. These intellectual airy-fairy communists genuinely regarded themselves as far superior, intellectually. They put them down. Then I stood up and intellectually annihilated these bigots. And everything was immaculate once the Darwinist, materialist system had been eliminated. Nothing was left of either their shameful activities, nor that of the bigots, nor what the communists fondly imagined to be their successes. People now feel sorry for the communists.

There is one good thing about communists – they are idealists. They devote themselves to that cause. If a communist becomes a Muslim then with that character he can provide huge services. He will be really perfect, insha’Allah. They have studied the End Times a bit. They have come to an opinion, but there is group spirit in communism. If they leave, they will be isolated. Since their friend in the cafe is a communist and their other friends are communists, that has a great impact. They have friends in various parts and wonder what they could do if they stepped outside that circle. They cannot feel at ease among religious people. And they cannot live alone. They think their circle of friends would criticize them very strongly. One can tell that from their language. It is impossible to remain a Darwinist after reading the Atlas of Creation. These people have understood what is going on, but they have a great pride. They do not accept defeat. There is this huge pride and arrogance in some of them. They need to be able to overcome that and be realistic.

“The whole world must be brothers.” Fine, but does communism bring you brotherhood? It just brings rivers of blood. What do they say? “A red Sun will rise over the horizon of a red sea of blood.” You are talking about a sea of blood. So much for love and brotherhood! You say there will be a sea of human blood. But there is not a drop of blood in Islam and the system of the Mahdi. “Not even their noses will be made to bleed,” he says. If you want world peace, then come and seek it in Islam. If you want social justice. Look, he says, “There will be such an abundance of goods that even the poorest person will be ashamed of all he has, saying, ‘Am I the greediest person in the whole Islamic Community?’ and will want to give back what he has been given. But the treasury will not take it back.” “There will be a huge wealth,” says our Prophet (saas). There is social justice for you. Everyone is well-off.

You talk about peace, and you talk about a sea of blood. You talk about social justice, and about the dictatorship of the proletariat. But the rulers of that dictatorship live very well indeed. They had their dachas and things in Russia while the people were wretched. The people were always poor. They were wretched in Russia and China. But that is really put into practice in Islam. Something happens that does not exist in communism. Love and compassion. Is there any compassion in communism? No. What does Lenin say, “Have no mercy. If you have mercy you cannot be a Leninist.” Allah has made compassion obligatory. But they have no affection or compassion. Can you have love without affection and compassion? There is no love in them, either. And where there is no love, people cease being human, may Allah forbid. That if why you have this subconscious and excellent idea that all these things can be found in Islam, in being a Muslim. You may say, what about all those bigots? We are not insisting you have any dealing with them. Forget about the bigots. I am telling you the truth. Bigots are like crazy people, or rather they are crazy people. And bigots do not really believe, they have no faith. Neither is it clear why they are bigots. It is a miracle. I fail to understand. They try to impose the commandments they have invented, and that they neither believe in nor practice, on others.

“Turkey is doing things in the region,” they say. Great. That means Turkey’s cultural force is very pleasant. The activities of MIT [the Turkish Intelligence Organization] are very good, masha’Allah. That can be felt worldwide, and I congratulate them. They have excellent democratic and rational activities, insha’Allah. I imagine these are followed with appreciation all over the world. I imagine those old Leftists who did not want that romanticism to be obliterated are quite upset. But the real ideal is coming about now. Why make it an issue of pride and be upset? It is good for materialism to disappear. You will live well and forever, so what is there to be sad about? You see you now have a future. I say you  will live for all time, so rejoice. Peace and brotherhood will be at the highest level, so rejoice. We are heading for the highest point of art and science, so rejoice! Why are you sad and uneasy? They imagine this will be a defeat. It will not be a defeat. You will be victorious if you do what I say. There is no defeat in this. If you grasp the truth and essence of Islam, you will be victorious. That is why it is so illogical to be saddened, insha’Allah.

Where is Leninist think without terrorism? You cannot be a Leninist without there being terror and violence. The communist system always comes to power through violence. You cannot have communism through peaceful means. That is a fact. That is why we need rational and scientific activity.

(In response to a viewer who says, “You know better than me… You say it is only believers who want to bring about world peace. You said we can see this from the way people who say they want peace start fighting at the slightest thing.”)

They say they want peace, but they are ready to behave ignominiously at a moment’s notice. That is also in many Muslims. One needs to use one’s will to the fullest extent. To be patient to the end. Otherwise it will turn into conflict. It is not easy to defend and develop peace and love. You must take enormous pains. For one thing, one has to be extremely patient. One has to be affectionate and understanding. One must think deeply and be altruistic. One must be unselfish and painstaking. That is how they can be preserved. Otherwise, it can go out of kilter at any moment.

However, since love comes from Allah it is very important for love of Allah to be properly directed. It is a violation of conscience to distract attention from Allah. One has to maintain the highest attention on Allah. We say, “We love Allah most.” All love is for Allah. Because Allah created. And Allah also causes us to love. He gives an affective power. What would happen if He did not, may Allah forbid? It would be very bad. Allah bestows the mutual power to affect others. Look, this is very important. Allah could have bestowed it in a one-sided manner. That would represent a huge deficiency. But Allah bestows it in a two-way form. This is a great thing, a great blessing, masha’Allah. That is who it is so important for all love to be directed to Allah. Allah says in the Qur’an that human beings are cruel and ignorant and ungrateful. People’s thoughts have departed from Allah in one way. That is why, when we pray we must say, “O Lord, keep my attention always on You.” And “Make us love You with an unconditional faith, O Lord,” with great love.

It is Allah Who also provides love of Him. This is a most amazing thing. It is Allah Who creates that power. Once you have that, you have obtained the greatest blessing. A ton of weight is lifted from you and you can really be at ease. That is the root cause of all people’s troubles and tribulations. We go to bed at night and sleep so the body can recover from all its tribulations. But it is forgetting Allah that causes the body the worst suffering. The body really suffers from that. The body then recovers during sleep. It recovers from that damage by sleeping. But when all love is directed toward Allah, then the need for sleep declines considerably. Our Prophet (saas) slept very little, for example. Weakness of faith, forgetting Allah, causes terrible damage. It wrecks the body. Then that poor body can only recover by sleeping. It takes 7-8 hours for it to pull itself back together. That terrible damage stems from forgetting Allah.

We must direct all our attention toward Allah with absolute joy and faith and care. We must complete our faith and love. We can do this by thinking sensibly and rationally. Because we are not created to have difficulties with faith. We are created to as to believe very easily. But people imagine one has to work very hard at it. Not at all. Your conscience needs to be as relaxed as possible. You have to let yourself relax. The conscience must be as easy and sincere as possible. Concentrating on this world will block it. Because this world is a lie, it is not real. It consists of an image. It is meaningless to be crazily attached to it. But we can obtain that by thinking honestly. The world is not really that attractive. All our attention must be directed toward Allah. Then one can obtain a relaxed, honest and rational faith. Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) has it for example. He came by it by Allah’s will. He obtained an unquestioning faith. That is how Allah created him. His soundness is upon him.

For example, Rasulullah’s (saas) age did not wear him down. He was like a youngster at the age of 63. That is amazing. He had the face and sweetness of a child. Someone of 63 should have the features of someone of 63. But not him. He had no more than 20 white hairs at the age of 63. In commenting on a verse he said it came from Allah. “I have feared Allah very much,” he says. Despite being the sweetest man in the world, “I suffered much from him,” he says. His skin was like silver. That is an Arabic term, meaning it was like a child’s. And he was immaculate when he died, insha’Allah.

Now everyone wants Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) to appear and Islam to reign over the world right away. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will depart after that happens. His sovereignty in this world will be very brief – seven or nine years. Almighty Allah will do that solely to keep His promise. I mean, there will be no reason for the Mahdi (pbuh) to linger. He has been tested and it is over. He has suffered. He can now rest. There will be nobody left to give alms or peach to. He will have told everyone. He will have nothing to do. What to do? Eat, drink and have fun. So Allah will take him to where he truly belongs. There is no real fun here. Real fun and food are not here. Allah says He will take him to the promised place. Bediüzzaman says; “Do not try to linger too long, or you will disgust the angels. They approve of your staying no longer than necessary.” But since life here is much worse compared to paradise, Bediüzzaman says you will annoy them. “They will loathe you if you long to remain,” he says. You must avoid that. He says you must want to go the moment Allah so desires, insha’Allah.

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