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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 30 April 2012

A9 TV, 30 April 2012

Allah says that if we do not regard the Qur’an as sufficient, He will ruin us, tear us to pieces, set us against one another. What has happened to the Islamic world. It is fragmented. They are at one another’s throats and have been destroyed. Why? They do not regard the Qur’an as sufficient. Why not? This is inconceivable. Allah says, I will ask only from the Qur’an But they say, “No, the Qur’an is not enough for me.” “They follow nothing but conjecture. They are only guessing.” says Allah in the verse. “No, I will follow my own imaginings,” they say. This is most astonishing. I talk about the Qur’an being sufficient day and night. But they still say it is not enough. Then Allah will punish and ruin you. You must pull yourselves together. Otherwise a thousand different bits of nonsense will enfold the Islamic world. You will fall into a sea of nonsense, and drown.

I ask them why they do not pray. They are unaware, but the reason they do not pray is all this nonsense. You ask them, “Why do you not live as a Muslim?” The reason is this nonsense, but they do not realize. They still talk about nonsense. That is why it is so crucial to get rid of it. Really important.

Allah says in the Torah, “You will suffer much tribulation.” Almighty Allah asks if you will accept the system of the Mahdi. He says I will be proud to accept . When this is proposed in the world before time. When Allah proposes it. He promises Allah before the eyes of millions. I will happily perform my duty, he says. Insha’Allah. The Mahdi (pbuh) is keeping his promise to Allah now. The promise made in the world before time. Promises have been received from all the prophets. There is a verse about it. Almighty Allah says; “When We made a covenant with all the Prophets – with you and with Noah and Abraham and Moses and Jesus son of Maryam – We made a binding covenant with them,..”

“Remember when Allah made a covenant with the Prophets: ‘Now that We have given you a share of the Book and Wisdom, and then a messenger comes to you confirming what is with you, you must believe in him and help him.’ He asked, ‘Do you agree and undertake my commission on that condition?’ “

All at once. The prophets all say. “Yes, O Lord.” That promise in the Qur’an is being made good in our century.  Insha’Allah, Jesus the Messiah will now help Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).

“It is related from Ibn al-Shirin that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be superior to Abu Bakr and Hazrat Umar.” “They asked Abu Bakr, ‘Will Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be superior to Abu Bakr and Hazrat Umar’? Hazrat Abu Bakr replied, ‘Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will even be superior to some prophets’.” (Barzanji, Portents of Doomsday, 10th ed. p. 193.)

Their numbers are those of the Companions of Badr (313). In the same way that those before could not surpass, so those who follow will be unable to match them.” Those who come after the Mahdi will also be unable to match him, he says.

What does the Torah say? Zohar 2/212; “When Elohim [Allah] created the world... and brought forth the being of the Messiah.” When He created the world He first created Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh,), it says. He created Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). According to the Torah “He said to him:” Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) “'Will you heal and redeem My sons [servants] after 6000 years?'” these 6000 years exactly equate to 2012.  “He [King Messiah] answered Him, 'I will.'” Yes, I will perform this duty, O Lord, he says. “Then Elohim [Allah] said to him: 'Will you then also bear the punishment.” Allah asks. Because Almighty Allah says, “as it is written, “But he bore our diseases” I have written it thus, He says. “The Messiah” Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) “And the Messiah answered Him; I will joyfully bear them.” This is in the Zohar.

Young people imitate American ways. Artificial behavior. They have become plastic people. People made of formica. There are very few genuine people left. Everything about them is plastic. They have no soul. Their love and friendships and everything are artificial. The majority are artificial. People who have depth can only realize the depth of those valuable spiritual guides. That is why they are so valuable. That is why Allah has prolonged the life of our Sheikh [Nazim al-Qubrusi]. By Allah’s leave he will live a long life, insha’Allah. He will not go without discharging his duty.

Believers are tested by troubles. This world is not a place of fun. There will be troubles, and you must have fortitude. But if you want to escape the negative electricity upon you, then have a shower, as the Qur’an says. Take a shower in warm water. Let that negative electricity flow into the earth. Drink warm water. Let that negative electricity flow away. Move your feet. Release that electricity, and that will relax you. Look to natural causes. We cannot stay long under the Sun. We look for the shade. You must also head for the shade. You cannot say, “The Sun burned me.” You must drink water when you are thirsty, insha’Allah.

(In response to a viewer who asks, “What do you think of Abd al-Qadir Gilani?”)

You ask my opinions of Abd al-Qadir Gilani. In order to express an opinion about Abd al-Qadir Gilani one would have to be more than a speck of dust on his shoes. Abd al-Qadir Gilani is radiant, light. He is a most blessed individual and a great scholar descended from Rasulullah (saas). He is a sayyid, a spiritual guide. He is the founder of the Qadir sect. He is a shah, not a sheikh, a shah. He is the founder of a sect. He is the main link in the chain on the path of spiritual power, prosperity and guidance, insha’Allah. That connection goes right back to Hazrat Ali (pbuh).

Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is true. But what kind of activity will Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) engage in? I am unable to understand the blessed one. I will ask him when he appears. He will be very different since he has the mind of a prophet. Bediuzzaman says, “He will engage in political activities.” What will he do, I wonder? I am very curious. He will probably work with the Templars, and may also do something with the freemasons. Then there is this new sect of the Mormons. He may have connections to them. But it is Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) who will come down on the way of the antichrist. Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) will help him. Almighty Allah has ordained Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).

This is the first time in 1400 years people have been speaking so much about Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) not coming. This has never before been seen in the history of Islam. Look, the first time in the history of Islam. Look at Islamic history; so many people have never before said, “Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will not be coming.” This is the first time. This is a major portent. People have never before stood up and said, “I am not the Mahdi” as much as I have. Never in the history of Islam. No-one else has ever stood up and sworn that he is not the Mahdi and that he has not pretensions to the rank. People stand up and openly claim to be the Mahdi. And people who make no such claims would in any case not be involved in the matter. It is those who make such claims who occupy themselves with it. They explicitly say, “I am the Mahdi.” Nobody who does not claim to be the Mahdi has denied being the Mahdi as much as I have. This has never been seen in the history of Islam. And it is quite amazing.

Nobody in the history of Islam has talked about Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) as much as me. This has never been seen in the history of Islam. This is the first time ever. Nobody has ever talked about Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) day and night like I do. Nobody has talked about Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) in such a determined way for so many years. No other community in the Islamic world has dedicated itself so much to Islamic moral values. Someone who dedicates himself so much to Allah and His Book, the Qur’an; because the intensity of your devotion is clearly so great. Nobody else in the world has dedicated himself so much. I know all Islamic communities and societies. I have studied them. There is nothing like it in any of them. And that is amazing.


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