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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 25 April 2012


A9 TV,  25 April 2012

Surat al-Ahzab Verse 53

You who beleive! do not go into the Prophet’s rooms...” There are some people who will just wander in anywhere, appropriate or not. They disturb people. It is not easy to look after and welcome someone. The host has to arrange it. Unplanned visits are not respectful. He arranges enough food and drink for himself. A sudden visit upsets things. Do not wait there while the food is being cooked [if you have gone there on other business]. This is not easy for the host to arrange.

However, when you are called [to eat[, go in,” there are people who are invited to eat and then say, “I had best not, I don’t want to be a nuisance.” Go at eat. and when you have eaten, disperse,” There are many people who talk too much. “I want to speak at length,” they say. What have you got to speak at length about? Speak wisely. What is there to speak at length about? Speak briefly and to the point. Talking at great length is a disease. Widespread across the world. Once they start talking they never stop. Almighty Allah has shown us what Qur’anic manners and moral should be like. In great detail.

The Sunni-Shiite divide is a great tragedy. We are trying to unite them but they are striving to remain disunited. It is very odd. Shiites are radiant Muslims. Why be divided? You share the same kiblah, the same Allah and the same Book. They are scrupulous over prayer and what is lawful and unlawful. Why be divided? They are immaculate people with fear of Allah. Why should people be disunited? “No, we cannot live with Shiites, we must separate.” That is ridiculous. They must wish for Islamic Unity. The solution is Islamic Unity. The other is no solution. It will end in disaster. It will lead to division everywhere. It is a huge mistake.

They never speak of Islamic Unity. America looks positively! America should look positively on Islamic Unity. Does America say you are all Muslims, with the same Allah, Book, religion and faith and prophet, so why are you divided? Are the Protestants and Catholics in America divided? Does that happen? Where has such a thing ever been seen? It is extraordinary. Muslims are brothers. They must be united, not divided.

They have begun dividing Shiites and Sunnis with great intensity. They will eventually tell them to attack one another. One attacks the other, and there you have Armageddon, they will say. Muslims will melt down and destroy one another. They will say that Allah inflicted troubles on them. They will say the army of the antichrist has destroyed itself. Some people are walking right into the trap. That is a huge mistake. One must seek to unify. What does our prime minister say? We never discriminate between Alawites and Sunnis. We are all brothers, we are not sectarian, he says. He uses the language of the Mahdi. That is the truth. They must abandon what they are saying.

(In response to a viewer who says, “The word ‘adornments’ in the verse refers to decorative items, such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings.”)

Surat an-Nur, Verse 31

They should only display their adornments to their husbands or their fathers or their husbands’ fathers, or their sons or their husbands’ sons or their brothers or their brothers’ sons or their sisters’ sons or other women or those they own as slaves or their male attendants who have no sexual desire... People with no sexual desire. Seeing a necklace is not going to turn anyone on. There is a detail here. What happens when someone sees a necklace or beads to mean that he should not see them? I would like to understand, which is why I am asking. “or children who still have no awareness of women’s private parts.” Children who are ignorant of women’s sexual organs. Children who are unaffected by sexual desires, who are not aroused by women. But they should not show them to anyone else. What is wrong with a child seeing beads or earrings? Why should such a child not see them? Why should they not show these beads and earrings to anyone apart from children who are unaware of women’s sexual organs and are not aroused by women? That would mean that men start trembling when they see an earring. They lose control. This verse is referring to servants unaffected by sexuality and children who are not aroused by women. How can earrings or beads or bits of glass arouse anyone? If someone could tell me that, then I could answer.

(A retired colonel called Rahman living in the Bangladeshi capital Dakka holds regular weekly talks on the ground floor of his house. During these meetings, conferences are held using your works, and in particular The Miracles of the Qur’an and the Proofs of Creation. He says that the area is very small and that not too many people can attend, but those who come represent a highly select group.)

Masha’Allah. I kiss the hodja’s hands, may Allah be pleased. May Allah increase his knowledge and influence. A select community go there and talk with those around them. He talks with them, and they talk with him. May Almighty Allah increase their numbers. Masha’Allah.

(Regarding our brothers Hüma and Oktar attending the “Zionist Organization of America” meeting in Washington D.C.)

We want everyone to come together in the melting pot of the system of the Mahdi, be they Zionists, masons, communists, atheists or whatever. We want them to support Islamic Unity, to help with the establishment of Turkish-Islamic Union and to live in peace and well-being in that fine community. So Jews will also enjoy a Golden Age, Islamic Unity. They will build a glorious civilization and live at great ease. And when they see the beauty of Islam and the Qur’an they will all become followers of Muhammad. Because that is what good conscience demands. Nobody will be able to withstand such beauty. Stone and iron will melt before it. They will say ‘La ilaha illallah Muhammadan Rasulullah,’ insha’Allah. It is no good putting the Zionist symbol on people’s heads and depicting them as monsters. Islam and the Qur’an must be described through preaching, with knowledge and science and love, in a kindly manner, with affection and a spirit of democracy.

Muslims must be inclusive. You must love people who keep their heads uncovered, freemasons and everyone. You must strive for the best and goodness for everyone. You cannot preach with bad language, shouting at people, killing and maiming, with guns and rifles. Only with light, and love and passion, insha’Allah.


The Messenger of Allah (saas) was built like a wrestler, insha’Allah. It is good for Muslims, male and female, to be athletic, masha’Allah. That is why I give thanks to Allah, our friends are all beautiful masha’Allah. That is the fertility of faith. If a person’s faith is weak his bones and flesh decay, his fat and hair decay, his mind decays, his brain decays. Everywhere just dissolves away; because lack of love and affection kills the cells of the body. It has a toxic effect, one the body cannot withstand.


But with faith, the cells rejoice. The cells of the hair, the muscles, the nose, the mouth the tongue and everywhere all rejoice. Because faith acts like a tonic on the cells. The cells are not nourished by blood alone; because the soul governs the body. By Allah’s soul, it is the soul that keeps it alive. Take away faith from the soul and it ruins it. And it starts attacking the body. The poor thing cannot remain in the body. The soul is the spirit of Allah. It is innocent, but it cannot stand up to lack of faith. It wants to escape that body and starts attacking it. And that drives a person crazy, ruins him. Because when we are first created we are created for faith, in such a way as to live with faith. Once faith is lost, then nervous and physical defects start appearing. The more faith goes, the more devastating it is. Weakness of faith drives a person crazy. The more faith one has, the more healthy and good and attractive one is.

(In response to a viewer who asks, “Why do objects become smaller at a distance, they should remain the same size. When I dream, I see without eyes, how is that possible?”)

If a thing is large, why does it not remain large? Why does it become smaller the further away it is? How can I see without eyes when I dream? Do people have eyes in dreams? No. But they see very well. Objects look smaller at a distance, then as they draw closer they become bigger and more perfect. You wander round the streets and talk to a child, and there is not the slightest flaw in him. He runs around, does his chores, enters the university exams and wins a place. He feels the hardness of a table, eats a candy bar and enjoys the taste of it. The wind blows and he feels the breeze. He talks with his friends and even gets into fights. But does one have eyes as one dreams these things? No, one sees without eyes.

“That is what the verse says, but I speak from tradition,” they say. What is your religion then? The Qur’an, or tradition? “When you call them to the Qur’an, they call them to their tradition,” they say. But in one verse Allah asks if they will still follow their forebears if their forebears knew nothing. People call on me to follow their traditions. I say I want to understand the verse, but they say, “Forget about the verses. You can’t get anything from them.” Or else they say they are incomprehensible, but they have no wish to understand them. What did the bigots recently say? “if that is what Allah says, then I am not a Muslim,” they say. I ask about the verses, and they say, “I do not reject the verses, but bring me tradition.” There is a verse in which they ask in effect for another Qur’an. Bring us other commandments, they say. And where are they to come from? From tradition, they say. What tradition? Pagan traditions. That is no good. You must speak to me with verses. Why should I talk to you if you reject the Qur’an?

Teachers who publish texts are afraid, as they have to provide an account of the headscarf. Otherwise they call them apostates. So they cannot publish. They talk about the headscarf even though they don’t really believe it. The word headscarf does not appear there [in the verse]. Allah tells women who go bare-chested to cover themselves up. That is perfectly reasonable. Black women used to go bare-chested in Arabia. They still do in Zimbabwe and the Congo and places. That was the custom in those days, many women did not cover their breasts. But Allah says they should cover themselves up. They must cover their breasts and sexual organs. But then Surat al-Ahzab was sent down. Then when they go out they have to cover themselves up entirely in order not to be recognized. Because they used to have a hard time outside. People used to whistle and say rude things. So that was so they could be free, not be recognized, and so they could be identified as Muslims. Allah describes it as a distinctive sign. It is better for them, so they will not be oppressed, He says. They should use a full body covering, He says. Black, not brightly colored. A black covering. From head to toe. Some of our sisters cannot do that, and that is a different matter. But it is a disgrace to deny it. “Is a head covering all right instead of a full one?” Yes, but you are not doing what the Qur’an says. You can say you do not want to, but do not say that this is also what the Qur’an says. If you say that, you are sinning. The Qur’an says no such thing. Allah says there is none worse than someone who tells lies in His name.

(In response to a viewer who says, “Today, when I was telling an atheist about the existence of Allah, he said, ‘There are thousands of deaths all over the world. Why does Allah permit them?’ What should I have said?)

Can you imagine what would happen if there were no death or sickness? There is death and thousands of diseases and many people have a bad time; they have toothache, their kidneys give them pain, they have earaches and headaches. They take drugs for headaches and other drugs for their hair or whatever. They attach electromagnetic devices to their backs. They attach pads to the soles of their feet. They get up in the morning and wash their faces, ears and noses. But they put all this down to this world. They want to have possessions and children, and to get married. They have an intense urge to make money. Even old people of 70-80 catch cancer and make an enormous fuss. This is a secret of the test, a miracle. This is a miracle of Allah. You say “there should not be any death”. In that case, the world would be full of Pharaohs, may Allah forbid. People can only be balanced out through death, through this weakness. In that event, everyone would prostrate themselves and never get up again. For example, I see high-society women. They receive treatment for ovarian cysts, for kidney problems, for this and that and they take thousands of drugs. They have slipped disks, arthritic knees, infected teeth, and are still angry and unpleasant. You see how they swear and conspire. How false they are. How they are always trying to trick people.

(In follow-up to a viewer who says, “That is not what I meant. I meant, has the Islamic world been mistaken for 1400 years?”)

It has been in error, of course. I look at the Qur’an, not at someone’s traditions. He can take his traditions and get lost. I look at the verses of the Qur’an. And if he rejects the verses, his traditions can go to hell. What tradition? He explicitly rejects the commandment in the Qur’an. Why? “This verse is not compatible with my ethical values,” he says. May Allah forbid. “I have my own moral conception and want to apply that.” And where does that come from? “From tradition, what my forebears told me,” they say. What does the Qur’an say? “The Qur’an says something else,” they say. Do you go by the Qur’an, or your tradition? “I cannot go by the Qur’an, I go by my tradition,” they say. “If I follow the Qur’an I will be foreswearing my religion, so I cannot be a Muslim,” such a person says. So he is saying he is not a Muslim, may Allah forbid. I have heard false sheikhs and frauds saying that. These hypocrites actually say, “If that is what Allah says in Verse 31 of Surat an-Nur, then I am not a Muslim.”

Surat al-Ankabut, Verse 10:

There are some people who say, ‘We believe in Allah,’ and then, when they suffer harm in Allah’s cause, they take people’s persecution for Allah’s punishment; but if help comes from your Lord they say, ‘We were with you.’ Does Allah not know best what is in every person’s heart?

When they get cancer or catch some disease. Look, this is the secret of the test. Our brothers say, “Why does death exist?” Allah makes that clear. For example, people avoid Muslims but, when something bad happens they say they were Muslims all the time. Or when trouble comes, they evaluate it in Allah’s disfavor. They do not want to be tested. If you are in love, how does that love manifest itself? Through striving against difficulties, maintaining your love in even the most difficult conditions and remaining by their side. Then your love and faith are manifest. Otherwise, they are not manifest at all. For example, if a man gives a woman money and things, of course she will love him. But when the money dries up, then she hates him. Is that love? People will loathe such a love. Allah also does not love insincere love. Allah loves true love. He loves those who love genuinely.


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