Evolution Hoax

Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 7 April 2012

A9 TV, 7 April 2012

(On the subject of a statement by Ali Demirsoy in an article titled “Iran and evolution” saying that the reason why Iran is more scientifically advanced than other Islamic countries is that ‘two-thirds of just about all middle school biology text books is devoted to the Darwinist view of evolution, without any distortions, and they contain nothing to do with creation at all’.”)

What do the Iranians say? “We believe in Islam and sharia …” Now do you understand why the communists support you? Do you understand why Iran collaborated with the communists? It is friends with North Korea and whatever other communist countries are around. If you devote two-thirds of middle and high school text books to Darwinism, of course they will love you to bits. They say that Iran is governed by sharia law, don’t they? The antichrist is sitting on top of them and they are wriggling underneath. Then they say, “We will shed blood and spread contagion. We will drown three-fourths of the world in blood.” two-thirds of just about all middle school biology text books is devoted to the Darwinist view of evolution, without any distortions, and they contain nothing to do with creation at all,” he says. That is the case in Azerbaijan, Pakistan and other Turkic states, too.

(About a piece by Hikmet Çiçek in daily Aydınlık saying, “Evolution is taught in Iran, and creationism in Israel.”)

The state of Iran holds exhibitions. And we naively thought, “Let us prepare a museum in Iran showing the invalidity of evolution.” They were stunned. They thought we must be joking. Iran is a country utterly devoted to Darwinism, a country where communist thinking is firmly in the saddle and that works hands in hand with communist countries. They are bosom buddies with everyone who supports communist ideology. With such a mindset, they develop a powerful urge to shed blood as well. They start fantasizing about “drowning three-fourths of the world in blood.” We can see from this that the antichrist is in the saddle in Iran, and they are trotting around underneath. Then they talk about religion, Islam, the Qur’an and faith. They should fear Allah, come to their senses, and seek shelter from the antichrist in Allah. They should be ashamed. They are opening a museum that advocates Darwinism. Darwinist is taught in their universities and high and middle schools. But there is not a word about creationism in their text books.

In fact, Darwinism and materialism are taught in Turkey, too. But Turkey is a secular country. Iran claims to be governed through the Qur’an. But to be honest, you are not really governed through the Qur’an at all. You govern through a Darwinist, materialist system. Darwinism and materialism have pervaded the whole world. They are a grave danger. And they are officially taught to and imposed on young people in the form of a dictatorship, even though they do not believe in it. But we are striving with all our might to eliminate this demagoguery and falsehood. We have obtained excellent results and are still continuing to do so, insha’Allah.

There is nowhere that the antichrist has not made captive.  Darwinist education is provided in Saudi Arabia. The elite are Darwinists. Our brothers have only just begun realizing this extraordinary state of affairs. Some bigots have nothing whatever to do with Darwinism. They are in any case terrified and brow-beaten. They have completely withdrawn from the fray. We are the only ones left still striving on.

There is a huge admiration of communism in Iran. They are behaving like Muslim communists. All their style and behavior are based on communism. A socialist-communist structure dominates the running of the state, but they call it Islam or being Muslim. And they talk about the way of the Mahdi. They have made that a kind of shell. But which of them really believes that the Mahdi will appear in a wall or be able to enter any room he chooses? Or that he will bring them food and blankets? Not one of them. It is communist that is in charge in Iran. That is why they are allied with one another. It has nothing to do with Alawism. That is an expression of love of Allah and Hazrat Ali (pbuh). But they have communism. What has that got to do with it? How can there be any connection between Alawism and Darwinism? But they know they can never get anything past us, insha’Allah.

Our Prophet (saas) had very few followers in his day. It started out with 10-12 people, and they grew to 30-40 people. Hypocrites and other curs began assaulting them with a fervor. There were severe injuries. Muslims were martyred and slandered. But what did he (saas) do? He increased his fervor and love and zeal. The merit earned at that time is very different to that earned close to death. It lessens as one starts to relax and those attacks and slanders come to an end. Merit declines enormously. That is why Muslims must strenuously avoid such a feeble state of mind. They must be very brave and top quality. They want people to lie about and take it easy. But in that case, what are you doing in this world at all?

(About Time, one of the most famous magazines in the world, taking “paradise” as this month’s cover story, and the fact that 85% of Americans believe in paradise.”)

An irreligious person will fall apart psychologically. The human body cannot tolerate irreligion. We are created to live in a religious manner. Our bodies are created accordingly. Irreligion makes a person psychologically ill. Even someone who says he is an atheist will still be a believer in secret. He will still believe in Allah. But he has to wrestle with his conscience. It is technically impossible for a person to be genuinely atheist. It is a violation of our physical and psychological make-up. Such a thing has never been seen

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