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New explanations from Surah Qaf- 1

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated March 2nd, 2012

ADNAN OKTAR: Surah Qaf, verse 41. I seek refuge in Allah from the satan. "Listen out for the Day when the Summoner shall call out from a nearby place." Look, a nearby place. How close? Very close. "Listen out for the Day when the Summoner shall call out from a nearby place." Listen, but from very nearby. "The day they hear the blast in truth," A blast. "That is the Day of Emergence." Of resurrection. They first hear a cry, they awaken to that cry. In the same way you set your phone or alarm and that wakes you up. In the place they rest, in the place they are asleep, as they lie dead, they hear a blast and get startled and awake. And the Summoner calls from very nearby. "It is We Who give life and cause to die," says Almighty Allah. "and We are their final destination. The Day the earth splits open all around them as they come rushing forth." No dimensional link remains, "Then, "Allah says, they run swiftly because the Summoner has called them. They first rise up with great excitement when they hear that cry, and then Allah says they begin running in haste, everyone runs. "..that is a gathering, easy for Us to accomplish."

Muslims also have people to welcome them. There is light before them and to their right. When they see them, they realize they will go to paradise; that would mean that they are destined for paradise. But they are still only hopeful. They just hope to go there, insha'Allah, then once they are firmly inside the Paradise, then they will say, "Now we are destined for paradise." But they believe on the basis of that knowledge. They say "insha'Allah", meaning they are hopeful. They hope to go to Paradise. They hope with a strong conviction. "We know best what they say." Nothing can remain secret. "We know best what they say. You are not a dictator over them." You are not an oppressor. There is a verse saying that; "there is no compulsion in religion"- I seek refuge with Allah from the satan-. That verse is explicit. The bigots deny it and say; "no, there is" say the bigots, "there very well will be compulsion." Allah says "there is no [compulsion]" and they say "no, there is". "So remind, whoever fears My Threat." With what? "with the Qur'an." Not with the myths and lies of the extremists. With what? With the Qur'an. No, they say, we do not want to remind with the Qur'an. We will remind people with superstitions, they say. But Allah tells us to "remind with the Qur'an". "So remind with the Qur'an".

In verse 38 Almighty Allah says, "We created the heavens and the earth, and everything in between them, in six days, " -in six periods of time-  "..and We were not affected by fatigue." As you know in the Jewish and Christian belief they say Allah rested on the seventh day. Allah says, "We were not affected by fatigue."

But you say that Allah was tired. How could Allah  be affected by fatigue? Look, Allah explains that, "We were not affected by fatigue." If He were tired, He would not be Divine. Right? We are creatures, we are beings created by Him. We will be affected by fatigue. That is how Allah creates us. Allah is All-Mighty, so why should fatigue affect Him? This is another proof the Qur'an is a true book.

Surah Qaf, 16, I seek refuge in Allah from the satan."We created Man.." Not through evolution or chance. Allah says that He created him. "We know what his own self whispers to him." Allah says that He creates those whispers. People say these whispers come to them. Why do they come? They come for you to have the test. Say that 74 such whisperings are supposed to come to a person a day.  All 74 of them will come to him one by one, in order, in a regular procession. Allah also creates the answers to each one of those 74 whisperings within one's conscience so they can be answered, as required by the test. People imagine that those whispers point to an impairment in their heads, that they never come to anyone else and since they assume that they are abnormal and since they believe that they have an ill spirit, they say "[whisperings]come to me". But such whisperings come to everyone, as we are all tested by them. "We know what his own self whispers to him. We are nearer to him than his jugular vein."

Where is our jugular vein? Inside us. Allah says; "I am nearer to you than your jugular vein." What does this mean? This is the explanation of what we are describing about the matter. Allah shows an image. Allah says that the entire image belongs to Him. Where are you standing? A shadow being. Where is Allah? Allah is everywhere. Right? Insha'Allah Allah is everywhere with His manifestations, as the manifestation of His Names.  "And the two recording angels are recording, sitting on the right and on the left." Look, be careful, these do not move, we move about but the angels that are recording are do not. They are sitting. Get whatever you will from this. This is the point that we are explaining. Look; "Two recording angels to the right and left." They are sitting. Yet we move about as they write it down. That is easy enough to understand. "He does not utter a single word, without a watcher by him, pen in hand!"

For example, we are speaking now. Right here and right here.. It is full here at the moment, they might be smiling at this moment. There are djinns and there are also the angels. It is all crowded here at the moment. And as I say these they might be smiling because they can see us, but we cannot see them. Insha'Allah. They enjoy watching us. They are sure that we cannot see them. They know this for sure as that is impossible. In length and breadth, we are in the second dimension. Two dimensions [for us] but they are watching us from the third dimension from the outside.. Imagine that we live on a television screen. There is only length and breadth but it looks like it is three dimensional on the TV yet there are only two dimensions. How do we watch that from the outside? We see it perfectly.  Can someone living on that screen see us? No. But we see them. We enjoy watching them, don't we?

And we cannot see them [as they watch us]. Insha'Allah, this place is now full of them. Insha'Allah. Had they been visible you would of course be severely excited, I mean the free will of mind would be taken. And that would be an end to the test. "The throes of death.." That is a state of agony, drunkenness meaning that the power of judgment is impaired in the throes of death. An impaired vision, in the sense of smelling, in the bodily sensations; for instance the feet feel like they dither, it feels like it is one piece.  In the verse it is said that one leg would be entwined with the other. It feels like they are one piece. The body feels as if it does not exist. Like one thinks one is a spirit or a cloud. One feels like a cloud, cannot feel his body. There is no body it is like he is mere image. Look, Allah says ; "The throes of death come revealing the truth. That is what you were trying to evade!" "So you said you did not believe," one is said. But nobody else can hear this. Only the person himself hears it in that drunkenness. "The Trumpet will be blown" at the same time. That describes the relativity of time, because there may be hundreds or thousands of years of time in between. But He says the Trumpet will be blown at that moment. [Allah says;] "The Trumpet will be blown. That is the Day of the Threat."

Allah says; "this is the day, the events I have been telling you about are happening." That person did not believe at the time, but it is happening now.

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