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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 19 February 2012

(In response to Mehmet Sait Yaz’s words that “If someone is to be the Mahdi, he must not wear clothing that violates the shariah.”)

What has that got to do with it? Fashion in the time of our Prophet (pbuh) meant robes and turbans. Everyone wore then. And he wore what everyone else wore. Unbelievers wore robes and turbans, as did Jews and Christians and everyone. And the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) wore what everyone else wore.

(In response to Mehmet Sait Yaz’s words that “It is of no concern to the believer where the Mahdi comes from. The believer has his own particular duty.”)

Why is it of no concern? Our Prophet (pbuh) speaks of it. He reveals in detail where he will come from and what he will do. That is a most terrible thing to say. It is a disregarding of hundreds of the hadiths of our Prophet (pbuh). Did our Prophet (pbuh) relate all these hadiths because “it is of no concern to you?” They have been revealed so we can take them seriously and attach importance to them and understand them.

According to the hadiths of Rasulullah (pbuh), the Mahdi and Jesus the Messiah must have appeared by now. There is no alternative. Look, there are eight hadiths about it. Imam Suyuti says it. Rasulullah says that 5600 years of the 7000-year life span of the world have passed. What remains is 1400-1500 years. So everything will happen between those 1400 and 1500 years. Since we are now in 1433, Jesus the Messiah and the Mahdi must already have arrived. That is so clear as to leave no room for any alternative explanation.

 “Belief in the Mahdi is not essential in Sunni belief, but it is essential in Shiism,” he says. But belief in the Mahdi is obligatory. I fail to understand how they make no connection with faith. In other words, it is unlawful in Sunni belief to deny the Mahdi. It is unlawful to deny the return of Jesus the Messiah. This is an article of faith. If someone says that drinking wine is lawful, and you say it is not an article of faith, then that is totally wrong. Islam requires people to abide by what is lawful and unlawful. It is unlawful to deny the Mahdi. It is also unlawful to deny Jesus the Messiah. You must understand that and avoid any discussion that might muddy the waters.

(About fanatics)

They talk about Islam all the time and try to shape it. They interpret it as they please. They also shape it according to the place and time. They invent a special shape of beard, or a special form of language. A special model of shirt or a special kind of jacket. And then that becomes the faith itself. They wrap their heads up in bits of cloth like wrapping up a cardboard box. And they say that is essential. And they then apply that law among themselves. This is all very wrong.

This is the first time since the beginning of the world that around a hundred portents of the Day of Reckoning have all come about at the same time. All within a space of 30 years. Look, he [our Prophet (pbuh)] says that great cities will be suddenly obliterated. That never happened before. The sudden disappearance of cities. Because disappearance here is not meant in the sense of earthquakes or anything like that. It is a new kind of annihilation. Instantaneous annihilation. That came about with the atom bomb. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were literally obliterated. Because the city still remains after an earthquake. Parts of it will be left. But Hiroshima and Nagasaki were totally obliterated. The cities were vaporized.

A great many Muslims are unwilling to see the omens and miracles of our Prophet (pbuh). But they are happy to talk about the miracles of our Prophet (pbuh) that happened in the past. Yet they are reluctant to see the miracles of the End Times. For example, they say that our Prophet (pbuh) was able to say someone’s name as he walked along the road. They say that is a miracle. They say he prayed for plenty. And it happened. That is a miracle, they say. But look, he gives secret knowledge. 1400 years ago, Rasulullah said a comet would appear. He explicitly gives the timing of a comet that appears once every 6500 years. He said it would appear in the time of the Mahdi, and that there would be no rain before its appearance. For a few years, he says. Then, he says, there will be such plentiful rainfall that people will complain about it. Now is that not a miracle to bring the roof down? But we do not hear about that in the Islamic world. Very rarely. This miracle of the Messenger of Allah is kept secret. They do not want anyone to hear about it.

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