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No matter it is day or night, it is out of question to give a break in terms of struggling against terrorism

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Kahramanmaraş Aksu TV, Kackar TV, A9 TV, 14 July 2011

Adnan Oktar: There is a state of war; there is a state of emergency. As the state and the government would appreciate – may be these things can’t be pronounced already now - I do look for liberalism. I want comfort and contentment. However there may be a need for a state of emergency, as I think. They have decided to make war. It seems like that. These men have got spoiled and become psychopathic. These people do not understand democracy and peace. A communist who practice terror do not understand these. For such a communist, the democracy is something to laugh at. Concepts like peace and brotherhood are also things to laugh at. The man aimed a proletarian dictatorship. IT SEEMS THERE IS A NEED FOR A STATE OF EMERGENCY, WHICH IS LIBERAL AND COMPASSIONATE. As a citizen I just express my point of view. Secondly, our soldiers should wear armored vest. Thirdly, in a troop unit, two sentries are not enough to provide the security. At least 50 of the soldiers should be on guard duty in a troop of 100 soldiers. I express these, as my conscience is not comfortable. While 50 of these soldiers are sleeping, the other 50 should stand guard. If necessary all of the soldiers should move to the Southeast.  The number of policemen should be doubled. It is necessary to help sincerely to those people, those brothers living over there, and love them. Let the families living here open up their houses for them and adopt their children. Let us support them with food and drinks.

Kackar Tv, 15 April 2011

Adnan Oktar: BECAUSE OF THEIR WORK, THEY RECEIVED A RESPONSE THAT THEY COULD NOT PREDICT. BROTHERHOOD IS IN THE SPIRIT OF ISLAM. THIS SPIRIT INVOLVES RESPECTING AND OBEYING THE STATE AND AVOIDING DISORDER. Our brothers living in the Southeast are practicing Islam in great love, joy and fever. The Southeastern people are very religious. So, their piety will help them to stand against.




Akşam, 18 August 2011


Turkish President Abdullah Gul states that in terms of struggling against terrorism it is out of question to give a break until the Ramadan ends. “Any kind of weakness cannot be in question. Our security forces are always on alert and do whatever required. Also the government is carrying on new studies regarding that. These kinds of provocations are consciously organized by the terrorist organization in the holy Ramadan. Anybody who thinks that he can set Turkish state straight by threatening with gun he is making a great mistake. There are some measures that have been taken. So no matter it is day or night, it is out of question to give a break in terms of struggling against terrorism.”

2012-02-19 15:54:07

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