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Highlights from Adnan Oktar's Interview on the 13 December 2011


A9 TV; December 13th 2011

I am so amazed with the banana. Its texture is amazing, like it is cooked at a bakery. It swings down the wood; it is incredible. It is 50-60 kilograms and a whole bunch, not one or two pieces. It is yellow with a perfectly pleasant smell. It is used as perfume; it is a delicious smell. The texture is perfect, the taste and sugars are amazing and the packaging is perfect. When it is examined, there is found vitamins A, B, C, E and other complex vitamins inside it. Vitamin C is found in high concentration . There are many minerals inside it. Potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, molybdenum and everything. It is very nutritious. It is enough even on its own. There is plenty of protein, carbohydrates and fat. Honey is dripping off wood; you put a stick into mud and honey is dripping off wood. Like a cake, like a bakery. It works like a bakery. Fresh cake is dripping off wood. Masha’Allah.

(About the Qur’an verses that there will be bananas in Paradise)

The Qur’an gives examples about all sorts of fruits. Almighty Allah does not go into detail in the Qur’an. He only gives basic information; that is all.

For example, for women it is said, “new budding breasts .” Almighty Allah points out firm and beautiful breasts. The man hears about this and says, “How could you say this? Allah is beyond that. Children are listening to this. We are ruined.” He says, “I do not want to listen to verses.” This is a polytheist mentality. If Allah says so, it is listened to with love. He says, “O do not do this.” He says, “Many verses cannot be read as it is forbidden. Many verses of the Qur’an cannot be read.” The man says, “It is vulgar. We are watching this as a family. How could this be told here like this?” Allah says this. Allah says. He says, “I do not want it even though Allah says that.” Allah is beyond that. He says, “It is vulgar.” Who teaches decency to you? Do you teach decency to Allah (Allah is beyond that)? You must be joking. He tries to teach decency to Allah. Allah is surely beyond that. They possess abnormal and  bigoted ideas and they have such a crazy mentality.

When there is Islamic Union, ladies will walk around like flowers. Allah will present their beauty. Pity that they have destroyed and crushed many of them, the beauty of most of them. Their faces are as long as a fiddle; those sweethearts. It is very obscene to offend, humiliate or scold ladies like that. They are my darlings, insha’Allah they will find life. Light will come out of their hands and faces; they will find joy. I go out and see that thefaces of those children are as long as a fiddle. They are very shy and they cannot look at anyone. For example, they go to some places. They make them upset. They make them wait for two hours or five hours; as if they are dealing with slaves. Come and go, sit down and get up. They put on all sorts of powders and dyes on their faces. They try to burn their hair with those electrical tools; they do something. They spray something on their faces and heads. It would go to her lungs. How is this bearable day and night? Their skins are all in bad condition; most of them. Is this not a pity and a sin? They are very young. She is a small child; 19 or20 years old. They are very young. They are very smooth like water. How could one harm them? Some places make them stay in very difficult conditions. I hear about this. They are kept hungry; they are not giving them any food. Of course; they are trying to keep them at 48 kilograms. She is a strong girl; she should be able to eat whatever she wants. What is it to you? A young woman must be very strong. They must be very healthy; what is with that? They should be very joyful and beautiful. A woman has a classical structure. They are disrupting that structure. They are trying to make women look like men. A woman should look like a normal woman.

The Prophet Moses (pbuh) sees two ladies who water their animals when he is running away from the Pharoh’s city. He does not run away from them like bigots. What does he do? He goes to them. He gets close, and tells them that he wants to help. He waters their animals. And do those ladies run away from him? They do not, because he is an honest and respectable person who is full of love. They also go to him. And they look at the Prophet Moses (pbuh) carefully. They say, “Father, this person is a strong one.”  She looked at him and felt that. So she says, “He is a strong person and a trustworthy person.” She talked to him. She can understand that he is strong by seeing him. She can understand that he is trustworthy by speaking to him. She both looked at and spoke to him. But she looked with a soul of faith and trust. Both sides looked at one another with trust. But what would someone do when there is an immoral person? He would try to rape even his own daughter. He would try to be immoral. Someone else's  wife or daughter would not be an issue or his own daughter. For someone who fears Allah, clear boundaries are set. For example, our Prophet (saas) had incredible love for women. This is a well-known quality of our Prophet (saas). Everyone knows this. This is a matter hypocrites hate the most. Our Prophet (saas) was relieved as he looked at his wives. He loved them very much. He had great love for beautiful women. He was their teacher, guide, master and also their husband. But his spirit was relieved. For example, when he woke up in the mornings, he was in a state of prophethood. But when he joked around with his wives, our Prophet (saas) would arrive at  a mood that people could talk to him. A great grandeur of prophethood covers the Prophet (saas). They could not talk to him directly. He joked around with his wives and then his grandeur would come to a level that people can handle. He had great love for his wives.  He married all the time. Well done to my grandfather, my dear grandfather. Well done to my darling. Almighty Allah knows he is constantly getting married and says, “From now on marrying is forbidden to you.” This is because he needs to pay the bride price constantly. He says, “I take you” and gets married all the time. Almighty Allah says, “But” and puts an exception and says, “other than women who give themselves and concubines.” He says, “They are separate.” So the way is open to the end, masha’Allah. Therefore, there were many women who gave themselves to the Prophet (saas). Some of them are not recorded by history. There were many of them. Only a little is recorded. And he had more well-known and famous wives; their names are mentioned. But there were many who are not recorded or not told of. Women who give themselves: She says, “O Messenger of Allah”, she comes and says, “I give myself to you. You can either take me or not. It is up to you.” Our Prophet (saas) says, “I take you.” Masha’Allah. He does not pay a bride price. And she is now allowed to the Prophet (saas)  . This is the only matter that makes hypocrites mad the most. This is not that well-known . Look at the matter that makes hypocrites mad in the Qur’an; this is the main issue. They are very angry about this. Look now when our Prophet (saas) is walking on the street, he looks at and admires our mothers. He wants her to be his  because he admires her and sees her. What do these people say? According to their mind, may Allah forbid, they would attempt to attack our Prophet (saas). They would also attack the Prophet Moses (pbuh) because they will say, “Why are you looking at  women?” Allah is beyond that. They will say, “They also met with you.” They would blame them both of committing a sin.

The woman at the Prophet Joseph (pbuh)’s house was a very attractive and beautiful lady. But she was evil. She was walking around the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) half-naked. She was with him for many years. They also stayed alone together. But the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) becomes so handsome and attractive that the woman cannot take it anymore. This is what is told in the Qur’an. She wants him. It is said, “The Prophet Joseph (pbuh) also wanted her.” Is it possible to want her before seeing her? He wanted her. It is told, “If he did not see His Lord’s proof, he would engage in illicit relations with her.” But he does not have illicit relations, as he sees the Lord’s proof. But he likes her, sees and talks to her. Now according to bigots, what is this attitude of the Prophet Joseph (pbuh)? It is a sin because he stays alone at home with another woman. He talks to her and looks at her. And he even likes her. This is a verse from the Qur’an . They are not making any noise when I am talking about these matters. Did you ever see them answering to these? No, there is no answer. They do not respond. They consider this as void. No matter how much evidence we provide from the Qur’an, still no word. Make an explanation for this if you can, with your distorted mind. As they surely know,  they will be disgraced. For example and nubile maidens of similar age,.  The man says, “O how could you speak like this?” So they claim that Allah says something reprehensible. Allah is truly beyond that. He says, “This cannot be said.” This is the Qur’an. Allah says, “Read, learn and tell.” He says, “We are watching this as a family.” Allah does not say, “Do not tell this to children.” He says, “I also have my wife.” Your wife will know and your children will know. Do you presume to teach what is right and wrong to Allah? You fools, you will be smart, insha’Allah. 

I am very curious about the Hereafter, Paradise, masha’Allah. Hazrat Ali (as) says, “You will wake up like waking up from sleep.” He says, “You will wake up with a sharpness like a curtain opening.” Who knows how? We will see, masha’Allah. We do not know how the doors of Paradise  or the gardens of Paradise  are like? For example, we will go and look at Hell, insha’Allah. Insha’Allah, Allah saves us from there. How strange, masha’Allah. There is very little time; a trial time. People love this world during this trial time. Allah Allah, what is there to like in this world? It is obvious that Allah gave us means enough to pass the trial here. Even a crazy person would not care this much. What is in this world?

(Mr. Adnan Oktar’s explanations about Paradise)

(Laws of physics change in the Hereafter)

For example, now we have a stomach, liver and heart. They do not exist there. There is a heart, but as a decoration, insha’Allah. A person can eat 200 or 300 tons of food. He never feels full nor is not disturbed in any way. There is no problem of the sort there. He eats all the time till evening. He picks fruits and eats bird meat. He eats with great appetite. For example, this is a new law of physics. For example, there are several scents such as rose and carnation scents. Those are very small samples of the flowers of Paradise . Every single flower in Paradise  smells very beautiful. But they have very sharp and beautiful scents. For example, we are amazed with the scent of the rose . When it is compared to Paradise there is a huge difference. For example, we enjoy the taste of the banana here. We enjoy fruits. It cannot be compared to the taste in Paradise. For example, we enjoy beauty here; a beautiful person. In the Hereafter it is incomparable. We will be hypnotized by beauty. An amazing sense of pleasure will form. A very strong pleasure will form, insha’Allah. Also there is no end to it. It is very strange. For example, two hundred trillion years will pass, but it is just like yesterday. Ten thousand trillion years will  pass on top of that, and it is still as yesterday. One hundred thousand trillion years will pass, and it is still like yesterday. It never ends. Allah Allah. Look, there is a very short lifetime here. For example, let’s say it is 70 to 80 or 100 years. And it passes in the blink of an eye. But in the Hereafter, trillions of years are only the beginning. For example, think about the number formed if we multiply trillions with trillions. When such time passes, how much time is passed? No time passes. It has not yet begun. Eternity is a great blessing. It is one of the greatest blessings Allah created. The fact that there is no end, means Almighty Allah has no end also. Almighty Allah makes His servants as such also. How nice. He makes them infinite. Of course, our creation is like that. The biggest instinct of people is to be infinite. For example, there is the sexual instinct, and it is satisfied. There is the hunger instinct, and it is satisfied. There are many instincts and they are all satisfied. The instinct of eternity begins after death. There is no actual death, but only the phase of death. It is called death. Death is actually resurrection. Resurrection is called death. Of course. Because death is the sharp version of resurrection. So death is when the mind has a clear vision of a new dimension. Insha’Allah.

(People will have many bodies in Paradise)

For example, he wants to talk to our Prophet (saas), eat food, be together with his wife in Paradise. He wants to be with other manifestations of his wife. He wants to walk around Paradise. He wants to run in the gardens of Paradise. He wants to drive cars in Paradise . Now when he has one body, this cannot happen. Almighty Allah does not put any boundaries to his body. He has as many bodies as he wants. He is wherever he wants to be. Because Allah says “Whatever you want.” There is one soul, a single soul, and that soul commands thousands of bodies. A single soul commands both of our arms. For example, we feel this arm and another arm separately. For example, we feel our left arm and right arm separately. But a single soul feels them one by one. For example, we sense sight separately and a single soul feels that also. Hearing as well. For example, the same soul senses hearing with our left and right ears. The same soul senses seeing with our right and left eyes. There a person has thousands of eyes and thousands of ears. But a single soul senses all of this. Masha’Allah.

(One will be with all prophets in paradise)

The Messenger of Allah (saas) is very sweet; he is the dearest in Paradise. The Messenger (saas) is with everyone and at everyone’s table. Therefore, our Prophet (saas) has very many bodies. He has bodies enough for all the community. The Messenger (saas) is everywhere. They want to talk with the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) and all of his bodies are together with Muslims. Everyone wants to listen to the story of the Prophet Noah (pbuh). They want to see him also. There are so many stories. They want to listen to the Prophet Zulkarneyn (pbuh) and the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) because there are many subjects. These are the actual matters of Paradise. Newspaper articles are of no concern. These are not like television news. They are very pleasurable. It is possible to see visions about this. For example, they want to see, “How he builds his palace.” Allah shows them. When they want to see the people of Hell, they see the people of Hell. Or they see an incident in this world when they want to. Of course Allah’s art cannot be described with words. It has no end. We look at chromosomes. For example you have been told about them; they are amazing. We look at the cell; amazing. We look at atoms; amazing. We look at the number of atoms in the universe. Now think about the number of atoms in the universe. They are in great order, and they have turned for 15 billion years with great effort. They have no gas, no petroleum. They take the energy from Allah. They constantly turn. They turn no matter what happens. No matter what you do; it does not matter. When Almighty Allah creates the universe all over again, these laws of physics are also re-created. The laws of physics we know are classic; they are common knowledge. These are laws we will be surprised with. The structure of matter is different, the structure of the cell is different and the laws of physics are different. When Allah says this is the law, we take this law and when another law is created, we take that one.  But the greatest blessing of Paradise is love of Allah. The greatest love is there; not the fountain or garden of Paradise. Love of Allah is the greatest. We love them very much, because they are manifestations of Allah. That is why we love the gardens of Paradise  and people so much. In the Hereafter Allah manifests in the form of people from time to time. He manifests in the form of a very beautiful person and says, “Salam.” The verse says, “They hear salam from Allah.” For example, Almighty Allah says, “Salam alaikom.” Muslims answer, “Alaikom salam.” This is Allah’s manifestation, insha’Allah. Almighty Allah creates such beauty so they enjoy it.

If we do not go through this training, we cannot be normal, may Allah forbid. Men say, “Had we gone to Paradise directly.” Think about what would happen if you went directly. You would go and sit in a corner. You learn love, you learn mercy, you learn compassion, you learn depth, you learn love of Allah, you learn passion, you learn to trust Allah, you learn submission to Allah. Look for example, Allah put the Prophet Adam (pbuh) directly in Paradise and at the first moment satan suggests, “Allah will not make you eternal; you do not know this.” He says, “I will do you a favor. There is a tree and when you eat its fruit, the knowledge of infinity and that nutrition will pass into your body, and then you will become eternal. Normally you are not eternal, Allah does not say this to you. Look I am doing you a favor by telling you.” Allah says, “Stay away from that tree.” He probably thinks that is the reason that Allah prohibits him from getting near that tree. Allah knows the truth. There is a mistake there; a prophet’s mistake. However, Allah says, “You will stay away.” However,  Allah is the One Who will create eternity. It is certain. In order to become eternal, they trust the satan instead of Allah. (Allah is beyond that). After that, Almighty Allah says, “Their hidden parts were revealed.” Then Allah takes them to the dimension of this world. This is what happens when there is no trial. Then look what happens when one is trained in this world? He becomes a prophet. Now when he goes to hell if satan comes and tells him, “This is the tree of eternity, you will not become eternal if you do not eat from this” would someone care about it after so much training? But he does that when he does not have this training. A holy prophet; Allah created this incident with the Prophet Adam (pbuh) to show how necessary training is.

The world is a very strange place, a very, very strange place. Our trial is very strange. One should not become fascinated with the world and should not idolize people. People idolize people. I see when I watch  television. They put red carpets down. “Duke whomever, lord whomever.” After all, these are weak human beings right? They will die and pass from the world. If he does not eat or drink water, he would be devastated. He is a poor fellow with natural needs. You see what happens to him when he is not cleaned up. Most of them cannot even stand as they are old. Some of them live with medicines for blood pressure, rheumatism and cancer. And he cannot come to the next meeting and then they go underneath the ground. They make these men into idols. Is this reasonable? Is this something a Muslim would do? A Muslim only accepts One Allah as god. One feels only mercy for Allah’s poor servants. If he is a hypocrite, he is hated for that, insha’Allah.

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