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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 30 October 2011

A9 TV; October 30th, 2011 


(Regarding the news report about the terror organization PKK’s sending a lorry full of bombs to a police control center)

What we are facing right now is the movement of the PKK; these people commit crimes, they murder and bomb. When we ask them, “Why do commit these acts?” they simply answer, “We believe in the dialectic-materialist philosophy; our point of view towards life is different from yours. We do not believe in the true religion, the Islam and the Qur’an [may Allah forbid]. We also do not believe in the Torah or the Gospel, and we do not believe in any religion.” Well, how many people of this conviction are there? The communist party is one of the strongest parties in France. It is also the case in Italy. The German communist party, the communist parties in Europe are very powerful in Europe. Denmark, Norway. Most of them already have  socialist administrations; in fact they are communist administrations but they call it socialist. In other words, they are opportunists; that is to say, revisionists; they have changed it but in philosophical terms, they are communists. They read “Das Kapital” by Marx. The books of Marx are dominant over the party program. When asked how they arrive at  such a mindset, they explicitly state that they are based on  Marxist thinking. When we also look at the PKK, we see that it has a Marxist-Leninist and Stalinist structure. If we speak of brotherhood to these guys and say, “Let’s live together in peace; what a beautiful country we have, let’s be brothers”, they would not understand. You are speaking to  communists, to Marxists. It is an entirely different religion, a different creed and a different dimension. They would not listen to you. Only Muslims can know brotherhood. Some people say, “Is it becoming to commit such a terrorist act on a blessed day like Friday; or on Ramadan?” Would a communist heed the blessed nature of Friday? What is the point in feigning ignorance about it? PKK is a communist movement, a communist uprising; it is the greatest communist uprising in the history of the Turkish Republic. If you attempt to suppress a communist uprising by military methods, police methods, you can not deliver any results. They could not accomplish it in Cuba. Nor in Vietnam,  Cambodia, nor in North Korea. They could not get any results anywhere; nor in China, nor in Russia. Such measures even expand the influence of communism. It expands as they go over it with such measures because if you send the guy into prison, then his son, uncle, his relatives, they all join the communist movement. This is often the case. If they kill the guy, again all his family, his people become communists. This is the general tendency. This does not hold true only in exceptional cases. They generally tend to the communist mindset because in a spirit of family ties, they want to take revenge. They do whatever is necessary to take revenge. Is it necessary to convert to communism in order to take revenge? He becomes a communist out of obstinacy. That is why these issues must be handled through science, rationality and love. Scientific methods, rational methods must be employed. All the means of scientific science must be employed. First of all, a rational criticism of the dialectic-materialist philosophy is essential. With a rational explanation, its inaccuracy must be told. Other than this, they should be approached with compassion and love. Other methods would not work.

Once a person is a Darwinist and a materialist, and adopts the dialectic-materialist  philosophy, he also interprets history in the dialectic sense. When he interprets history in the dialectic sense, he believes that there were the primitive ages, the Stone age, the feudal period, capitalist period and the communist period. They say that history draws a circle. They say, “History began with a communal society and then proceeded towards the feudal society, from the feudal society to the capitalist society. History is a circle.” They further add, “Because living beings develop in the form of dialectics, we can verify this in the dialectic sense.” If the state advocates Darwinism, and the dialectic-materialist  philosophy, then the guy may come up and say that he interprets history in dialectical terms. That is because, if living beings come into being by chance, then history also proceeds by chance and it proceeds through dialectic methods. Then you must accept it. But if you are telling the inaccuracy of the dialectic-materialist  philosophy by demolishing Darwinism, then you say that Allah is One. When you say “Allah exists”, both the dialectic-materialist  philosophy and the system of the dajjal collapses…

For instance they say, “The opposites contradict. There is contradiction. There is contradiction within matter. There is also contradiction in society. The working class is in  strife with capitalism.” Their mindset asserts: “ There is bombing, murder in  strife. This is the consequence of contradiction. This is the reason why bombings exist now.” “Capitalist state, capitalism and workers’ party are in a state of strife.” “There is historical contradiction. The end of contradiction is strife. This is a requisite of dialectics and it is happening now. We are also murdering people, is this something abnormal?”

In order to be a communist, there is no need to be so informed; you can make a guy a communist only in a matter of two hours. And it is a matter of only two hours for a very sapient communist to put on the airs of a professor. Because the guy is irreligious, faithless, he easily becomes tired of his life. He may simply want to die. He chooses to die and to kill. That is why scientific solutions, scientific explanations are of vital importance. The facts must be expounded with love and compassion in a rational manner, without humiliating them.Communism is allergic against humiliation. If you humiliate communists, they become more rampant. One must approach them with science and compassion. Science makes them paralyzed. It almost hypnotizes them. Once you put forward the scientific evidences and show them the molecular structure of a protein, they lose their faith in Darwinism. But if you remain obstinate with them, they remain vigilant. This is evident in all cases we observe all over the world.That is because satan helps them. They have a bond with satan because the dajjal is not an ordinary being. The power of the dajjal is explained in the hadiths at length.Allah grants an enormous power to the dajjal. For instance our Prophet (saas) speaks of the dajjal’s power of inculcation.It is related, “Especially the ignorant will readily believe in the dajjal.” The dajjal has a tremendous power of inculcation. Again it is related in the hadith, “The dajjal shows his system as Paradise and Islam as Hell.” This is what is being done at the moment. “And he will show wonders.” And he will appear like a scientist, but his science drifts people into perversion. So what is to be done? They will be guided to the true religion through science. You will, by means of science, enlighten a man who is pushed into perversion through science.

The greatest blessing is faith. Onceguidanceis granted, that person is saved in all aspects Insha’Allah.

(In response to the audience member who said, “I purchased all your published books”)

When you establish a library for yourself, let it remain as it is. Do not distribute the books in your library. You can purchase the books that you would like to distribute separately and give them away. Your own library must remain as it is, Insha’Allah. It is a university. It is a glorious manifestation of a collection that has come into being from the merger  of a few universities.

When the Unity of Islam is established there will be ladies in their scarves, in burqa as well as ladies with a western-looking appearance. We will show the same respect and love to all of them. They are all one hundred percent pure Muslims. There is no difference among them. But some bigots have a longing; they assume that ladies will not be free; they want to put them into a particular form. They want to impose scarves, beards, cloaks. Those who do not abide by such dress codes will be beaten. This is the system of the dajjal. We will not let your system of dajjal  reign. Never have such a longing for bigotry; it is not possible, simply forget it. We will rub bigotry off  the face of the world and history. Such a system will never appear in this world again. Forget it.Ladies will be free as much as it can be. You are merely sadists; you are free yourselves but you tend to create an  incomprehensible pressure upon women.

(In response to the question, “What is it to be a communist?”)

Being a communist is simply leading the life of an animal. Just as how the lives of dogs or the herds of animals are. These guys simply suggest turning back to such a society, that is it. For instance just as how dogs eat everything  when they find food; or just as how they mate with one another. There is no religion, no family; nothing at all. They want that system to reign. This is what communism is. Think of a herd of animals. They eat everything  when they find a source of food; they mate with one another. There is no religion, no family, nothing at all. They want that system to reign. This is the outline. This is the order that the terror organization of PKK longs for. This is what the communal society is. The primitive communal society. They say, “We will return to it.” Wait if you can ever return. You will see the system of Hazrat Mahdi (as). You will see the light. You will learn how it is to live like human beings and their beauties. After that period, they will live by the most advanced form of communism. After Hazrat Mahdi (as) and Prophet Jesus (as) pass away, that communist mindset, that primitive society they long for, that life form resembling to that of dogs will be staged once again. Just as how dogs savage one another, attack one another, eat everything when they find some food. They will mate like dogs but this corruption begins only after Hijri 1506. After 1543, this is established within two years. The most rampant period will be experienced following the 1540s. The world will no longer be a liveable place. It will be an incredibly awful place, may Allah forbid. Then PKK as well as the Stalinists will reign. They will all be [in charge]. But in this period [the present], the system of Mahdi will be dominant, Insha’Allah.

Be very attentive against bigotry. It destroys the state and the nation. Bigotry is very dangerous. The first one is communism, the second one is bigotry. The late [Kemal Mustafa] Atatürk  rendered very great services and he broke the backbone of the bigots. He opened the gate of the system of Hazrat Mahdi (as).

Such a quality understanding of Islam will flourish and people will live by it in such a glorious way that Europe and America will be amazed at it. They will say, “What a beautiful life this is. What nice people they are!”Islam is a religion of the city, it is civilization, it is quality, it is being classy, it is kindness, gentleness, artistry, science, it is being conversable. It is being mature, hospitable and Islam is everything beautiful.

Turkey is a teacher of the world. It will teach love, peace, brotherhood, exuberance, self-sacrifice, generosity to the world.

Bigotry has ruined Islam. Such a miserable state of Muslims; a great part of the world, 80 to 90 percent, 99 percent of the Muslims are in devastation. The collapse of The Ottoman Empire is bigotry. What  I say is true. They have  taken artistry, science, beauty from the hands of Muslims. They have  taken civilization and quality from Muslims. When a quality, beautiful understanding of Islam prevails, the entire world embraces it and it will embrace [Islam]. Don’t fall into this trap.They deceived Muslims through superstitions. Satan has ensnared Muslims. They said, “The Qur’an is inadequate; just comply with the superstitions.” And the guys have abided by it. In the Qur’an such a filthy system does not exist. Such a corrupted, messy system is not present in the Qur’an. The guys themselves feel suffocated under this idolatrous system. He is in this system and he is trying to save himself. Don’t do it.

[Sheikh Nazim al-Qubrusi] is a Qutub. He is a friend of Hazrat Khidir (as). He is a very precious person. He is exemplary to people with his manners. He is the sultan of the realm of human beings as well as the realm of jinni. A reprehensible word only belongs to the one who utters it. It turns and comes back to the one who utters it. Our Master is beyond all kinds of reprehensible words. He is our Sheikh, our blessed Master, our Master who is one of the sweetest people in the world. May Allah grant him a long life and grant him blessings. He is also a lover of Hazrat Mahdi (as). He says, “I have been waiting for Hazrat Mahdi (as) for 70 years.”

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