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Can Your Kidneys Possess Medical Knowledge?

kidney, red blood cells

1. High
2. Balanced
3. Low
4. Kidney
5. Erythropoietin
6. Bone marrow
7. Red blood cells

By themselves, the kidneys measure the number of red blood cells being pumped to them. Information determined by sensitive receptors is immediately evaluated, and measures taken accordingly.

When the kidneys determine a decrease in the red blood cell count, special kidney cells secrete a hormone called erythropoietin, which helps increase blood production. The hormone has its effect outside the kidneys, in the main blood production cells in the bone marrow. When this hormone communicates that the level of erythrocytes is low, the bone marrow facilitates the rate of production and release of erythrocytes into the bloodstream. This way, the quantity of red blood cells is kept in proper balance.

In short, the kidneys can make a number of measurements, evaluate information, and take initiative to apply the necessary precautions. And the hormone that has the duty of transmitting the message can travel through the body without getting lost, reaching the bone marrow without any problem or delay. Bone marrow cells also know how to decode the message the hormone sends them from the kidneys, and act according to this message.

Moreover, all these processes take place in every one of billions of people. In all of them, this cooperation proceeds in exactly the same way.

Throughout all of these processes, the cells display an evident intelligence and act as the disciplined and obedient components of a faultless organization. This situation begs the question of what the source of this intelligence and cooperation can be. No one can claim that cells possess this intelligence of themselves, or by happenstance. The One Who has inspired these cells with this intelligence and knowledge about how to act is God, Who maintains control over all things.

There is no power or might except God.


41 / total 51
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