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No Formula Can Come About by Itself, by Coincidence

Insulin is yet another hormone that humans cannot live without. In cases where not enough of this hormone is secreted, blood sugar levels rise and cannot be balanced. This can lead to a person falling into a glucose (or diabetic) coma. Insulin, so crucial to the human body, is a protein made up of 51 amino acids. The diagram below shows the order of amino acids (shown in the circles) found in insulin. Should there be the slightest mistake in this order of amino acids, the insulin will not be able to perform its duty.

If a person reads a formula written on paper, he or she would know that it could not have appeared by itself, that someone must have written it down. The insulin hormone does have a certain formula. Moreover, in every human who ever lived, insulin has been produced according to this formula. This is enough to prove that insulin could not have come about over time, through coincidence. No unconscious coincidence could have resulted in the same formula being produced in billions of people, not to mention animals. Such a claim goes against all reason, all intelligence, all science.

The Creator of insulin, the Determiner of the features it would possess, is the One Who created insulin when mankind first came into being—that is, God.

Insulin hormone

1. Insulin hormone
2. Below: The formula for the hormone insulin. If even one amino acid is lacking in this formula or if their order is mixed up, insulin will not be able to carry out its function.


40 / total 51
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