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What You Are About to
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Hemoglobin is the special molecule that is responsible for carrying oxygen to other cells. Hemoglobin takes up oxygen in the lungs, leaves off carbon dioxide there, then moves onto the muscles. Meanwhile, the muscle cells have burned nutrients and produced carbon dioxide. When hemoglobin reaches the muscles, it does the opposite of what it first did in the lungs, depositing oxygen and picking up carbon dioxide.

Scientists think of hemoglobin as an extraordinary molecule because of these two different processes it carries out. In The Great Evolution Mystery, Gordon Rattray Taylor, an evolutionist himself, has written the following about hemoglobin:

… It is a remarkable molecule indeed which at one moment has an affinity for oxygen and a few seconds later loses that affinity; that it simultaneously changes its preferences with respect to carbon dioxide makes it even more remarkable. (Gordon R. Taylor, The Great Evolution Mystery, Harper and Row Publishers, New York, p. 108)

As this shows, the hemoglobin molecule is seemingly conscious, making the necessary move at exactly the required time and place, never confusing oxygen with carbon dioxide.


Hemoglobin takes up oxygen from the lungs and leaves behind carbon dioxide.

1.Tissue cells
2. Depositing CO2
3. Taking up O2
4. Blood plasma
5. Red blood cell
6. Capillary

This is obviously thought-provoking. How can a tiny molecule, which can't even be seen under a microscope, make decisions and have preferences?

As a result of the extraordinary consciousness displayed by this molecule, all air-breathing creatures on Earth can continue their existence with ease. About 900 million red blood cells are produced in the human body every hour. And there are about 300 million molecules of hemoglobin in one red blood cell alone. When you think about the total number of hemoglobin molecules in the body and the abilities that every single one of them possesses, you begin to comprehend more clearly the significance of all of this.

Every person of intellect must admit that such selectivity could never have arisen as a result of coincidence, and that coincidence could not have bestowed these characteristics upon billions of hemoglobin molecules. The Creator of hemoglobin with all its features, and the molecule's placement into the bodies of living things, is God.

Just one red blood cell > contains 300 million hemoglobin molecules, one of which is shown below.

Hemoglobin molecule, red blood cell

1.Red blood cell
2.Hemoglobin molecule


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