The Evolution Deceit

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Chapter 4: The One and Only Solution to Communism: Anti-Darwinist, Anti-Materialist Propaganda

It Is Darwinism That Feeds Communism, and That Ideology Must First be Scientifically Eliminated

Great efforts have been made in Turkey to free it from the scourge of the separatist PKK terror organization:

  • Countless troops have been sent to the Southeast of the country, and countless clashes have taken place there.
  • Billions of dollars have been spent, and rockets, bombs, guns and tanks have been purchased.
  • Reconnaissance planes and Herons have been put into operation.
  • Field studies have been conducted.
  • Specially trained military units have been set up. New tactics have been developed.
  • Defensive techniques have been developed.
  • Scenarios of an agreement with the leader of the separatist terror organization, Öcalan, have been proposed and attempts have been made to involve intermediaries.
  • Political maneuvering has been attempted, and people have thought that a solution can be reached through demagogic methods and the terror organization's leadership or terrorist militants won over.
  • Ceasefire agreements have been made.
  • Attempts have been made to bring PKK terror organization militants down from the mountains by such feeble approaches as saying, "Go home to your mothers and eat her soup."
  • Laments have been sung at the funerals of martyrs, and these have been carried in the newspapers and for hours on the television in the belief that this will have a psychological impact on terrorists.
  • Communist PKK militants have been called on to "...heed their consciences and be compassionate and loving."
  • Communist PKK terrorists, who utterly reject the concepts of the state, religion and the family and who know no other path than violence and terror, have been "condemned."
  • Communist PKK militants have been called on to "...come down from the mountains and live as brothers."
  • People have imagined that if communist terrorists are invited to "...return to their fathers' homes and eat their mothers' soups," if they are married off and made promises about making homes for themselves, then that will win them over.
  • Finally, nonsense along the lines of "...let us give the terrorists the Southeast so we can all relax," has begun being spouted.

While all this has been happening, clashes in Southeast Turkey have been going on uninterruptedly. Turkish troops fighting to protect the homeland and its citizens for God's approval have continued to be martyred. Neither sending reinforcements there, nor any of the artificial solutions listed above have done any good. And it is impossible for them to do so, because either there has been a failure to properly grasp the problem, or else proper understanding has been deliberately obstructed. And given the failure to properly grasp the problem, it is impossible to find a solution to it.

It is of course impossible for feeble, ineffectual and weak precautions aimed at communist militants who act for entirely out of ideological concerns to produce any results. The fundamental solution is overlooked; but people imagine the problems can be resolved by testing new weapons, sending more troops to the region, training professional troops, engaging in psychological propaganda against communist militants, agreements and calls for peace and ceasefires. But the fact is that;

  • No communist ever attaches any importance to calls for him to behave with good conscience. For him, the first road to achieving his aims is violence, and no psychological ways of winning him over ever work. A terrorist regards feelings of love, compassion and sympathy as mere weakness and sickness, emotions to be eliminated as a matter of urgency. And he will treat those who approach him in such a way as laughingstocks.
  • A communist will never find calls for him to "...return to the parental home and eat his mother's soup" at all logical. Under his own ideology, the family is in any case a concept needing to be eliminated, and he is merely acting accordingly.
  • The tears and lamentations of the mothers of martyrs always delight a communist. They make him feel he is achieving his aims, because what he does as a requirement of his ideology is reported to the world in newspaper headlines and on the television. Those who imagine that weeping mothers will elicit feelings of pity in communist militants are unaware of the scale of the disaster. The more reports of martyrs that PKK militants hear, and the more weeping mothers they see, the more their devotion to the organization grows and is strengthened.
  • Condemnation along the lines of "How monstrous you are!" always delights the communist. He imagines that by behaving in a monstrous way, he is abiding by Lenin's legacy to him in the most perfect way. The more frightfully he behaves, the better he is implementing communist ideology. Feelings of pity for the enemy are regarded as a betrayal of communist thinking.


Although the military measures we look at throughout this book are indeed necessary and important to the national fight against terror, they can never represent a definitive solution to the communist terror in Southeast Turkey.

Even if separatist terrorist PKK militants were neutralized and were convinced to come down from the mountains, even if the places they live were identified and their traps all thwarted, that will never prevent the emergence of new communists and new acts of terror, and will never fully rid those territories of the threat of communism.

Why is this? Because;

The "IDEOLOGY" that feeds communism is still alive. So long as the swamp survives untouched it will keep producing communist militants. The only way of drying the swamp out is through a scientific and intellectual campaign.

komünizm ve katliamlar

A Perverse Intellectual System Can Only be Killed Off By Ideas and Knowledge

want to learn creationA PKK terrorist undergoes Darwinist and materialist education long before he undergoes weapons training. From a very early age, he learns the basis of Darwinist and materialist thinking in the schools set up by the separatist terror organizations and at its meetings. He is taught to apply the requirements of Stalinist, Marxist and Leninist ideology. Books, magazines and radio and television programs are intensively used to that end. Physical instruction comes later. Mental and ideological training has to be completed first. A perverse belief system is thus established in their brains. In other words, a one-sided education soon has a hypnotic effect. Since the young person in question only experiences Darwinist and materialist education, and since he is wide open to demagoguery, the Darwinist perspective quickly takes root in his mind. He begins regarding life as a battlefield and human beings as animals. He regards such lofty virtues as moral values, religious beliefs, love, compassion and altruism as, may God forbid, weakness and sickness. According to this perverse belief, natural selection – the idea of the strong eliminating the weak in order to survive – is a perfectly ordinary matter. He begins becoming devoted to the false ideological rules of Darwinism as a belief system. Once that infrastructure has been established, it is easy to put a gun in his hand and send him off to fight. With this perverse belief installed in his mind, he will do what Marxism requires. He will either kill or die. He has already signed up to that idea ideologically. He regards it as simple, and acts on it very easily.

The danger confronting us is not therefore guns, bullets and weapons, but only an idea. It is not terror that is the danger in Southeast Turkey and the world; the danger is a materialist, Darwinist and communist ideology. And this perverse ideology cannot be defeated with guns, condemnation and feeble policies. IDEOLOGY CAN ONLY EVER BE DEFEATED BY IDEAS AND IDEOLOGY. THERE IS SIMPLY NO OTHER WAY.

If the world wishes to be free from the scourge of communist terror, then there needs to be a worldwide anti-communist and anti-materialist intellectual struggle. Those who regard such a struggle as ineffective and unnecessary, who regard Darwinism as a theory limited strictly to natural events, are generally unaware of the danger they are dealing with. The logic of the PKK terror organization is exactly the same as that used by Stalin, Lenin, Mao and Pol Pot as they carried out the ideological requirements of Darwinism. Although these communist leaders had very few supporters to begin with, because of their fanatical devotion to their perverse ideology, they were soon able to inflict communist terror, savagery and oppression on large swathes of territory. What made them undefeatable at the time was that they had an ideology, albeit a perverse one, and that they believed in it totally. The only reason why they could not be stopped in their own time, and why the whole world sat back and watched the barbarity going on in their countries, was that the other side had no ideology, and no ideological response to give to that barbarity.

No ideological response could be made because the whole world was obliged to defend Darwinism, which represents the infrastructure for communist savagery. Those who did fight against communism, terror and savagery basically had to defend the same ideology as the communist terrorists themselves. That is the Darwinist dictatorship that reigns across the world. That dictatorship is still around in an exceedingly powerful form. So much so that, because of the pressure from that dictatorship, academics who have exposed the invalidity of Darwinism have found it impossible to remain in their universities. The theory of evolution is taught on a compulsory basis in educational institutions just about everywhere in the world, while discussing the fact of Creation is PROHIBITED. This applies in just about all countries of the world, including Islamic countries such as Iran, Syria, Egypt and Algeria and such a religiously-based state as Israel. So long as Darwinism persists, the threat of communist will also persist. THE SOLE – SOLE –MEANS OF ESCAPING THAT SCOURGE IS THE TOTAL INTELLECTUAL ANNIHILATION OF DARWINISM.

The Whole World Has Surrendered to The Darwinist Dictatorship That Prepares The Infrastructure For Terror

Since the world has surrendered to the Darwinist dictatorship, Darwinist education is imposed in universities, high schools, middle schools, educational institutions of all kinds in other words, in just about every country in the world. Official teaching of the fact of Creation and saying, "God exists" is banned in schools. All educational institutions are obliged to teach a false religion that has adopted chance as its supposed god. Those who work in educational institutions are forced to say, "Evolution is a fact." Professors in all universities have to advocate and teach Darwinism. All the main press and media outlets belong to Darwinists and represent a significant part of Darwinist propaganda. Students cannot question Darwinism in schools, and it is impossible for those who do so to move on through their classes. A university professor who questions the truth of the theory of evolution will definitely be removed from his post, and will be blocked from moving on in his academic career. This is such a powerful dictatorship that churches in Europe have had to apologize to Darwin. The Pope, the very representative of Christianity, has had to hold a conference defending the theory of evolution in his own home, the Vatican.

That being the case, it is not surprising that communism continues to pose a threat. Communism is constantly nourished by Darwinism. Under these conditions, it is even more surprising that some people are surprised by the existence of terror in the world. Darwinist ideology, the infrastructure of terror, literally rules right across the world. It is taught all the time. Just about everyone sets out in life with that knowledge from a very early age. Therefore, by supporting Darwinism, people are also acting as supporters of communism, whether they are aware of it or not. If those who say, "I am opposed to terrorism" or "I want world peace and well-being" also defend Darwinism, then they are causing, albeit indirectly, the murder, death and fighting around the world and supporting its intellectual foundation. Communist terror is constantly fed by this cunning stratagem, and its intellectual infrastructure is kept strong.

The ideological foundation that supports communism, Darwinism in other words, is directly supported by governments and official bodies, making it very difficult to tell terrorists to abandon their weapons. Therefore, a wide-ranging intellectual struggle against communism, an intellectual struggle involving all the countries of the world, is a matter of the greatest urgency.

darwinist diktatörlük

The world has surrendered to the Darwinist dictatorship. So it is not surprising that communism should still be a threat. Even if some people are unaware of the fact, communist ideology constantly feeds off Darwinism.

What Kind of Intellectual Activity?

Everyone must learn the scientific evidence revealing that Darwinism is nonsense:

darwinizmle ilmi mücadele


The theory of evolution regards chance as its false god. However, the regularity, harmony and beauty in the world totally refute Darwinists' ideas of chance. Therefore, in order to do away with the lie of Darwinism, it is of great importance for people to be told of the complex features in living things, and to show, with scientific evidence, that these things can never form by chance. When this intellectual activity takes place, the intellectual foundation of communism will disappear and the bloody ideologies that produced mass killers will be consigned to the pages of history.

Let us first of all remind ourselves that Darwinism, the communists' intellectual foundation, the theory of evolution in other words, IS A FRAUD. The intellectual struggle against communism must begin by describing the nonsensical nature of Darwinism, and scientific evidence must be set out for that purpose. Essentially, what needs to be explained and known in order to expose the invalidity of this rotten theory are the following:

  • It is impossible for even a single protein to come into being by chance, and that the idea that life formed spontaneously is therefore fraudulent,
  • It is impossible for life forms to turn into one another through random mutations and chance events,
  • Not a single transitional fossil exists to show that life forms turn into one another,
  • On the contrary, more than 350 million fossils document that life forms never change, but remain exactly the same, over millions of years,
  • Darwinists have perpetrated all kinds of hoaxes in order to impose their theories, which are devoid of any scientific evidence, on people for many years; they have published hoax fossils in scientific journals and exhibited them in museums,
  • They are still teaching fossils that have been exposed as hoaxes in school text books,
  • In contrast, fossils proving that living things are created have been kept hidden away by Darwinists in museum store rooms, and
  • Irreducibly complex structures in living things, such as the eye, can never, ever come into being through the fictitious process of evolution.

(For greater detail on the subject, see Darwinism Refuted and Atlas of Creation, both by Harun Yahya)


evrim teorisinin çöküşü

All fossils on Earth show that living things have remained unchanged for millions of years. The 125-million-yearold Cretaceous period bush cricket in the picture is one of the important proofs of this fact.


Hoax Skulls and False Ape-Men

Fraud, demagoguery and propaganda are Darwinists' fundamental techniques. Since the theory of evolution is devoid of any scientific evidence, it resorts to giving the impression that "evidence exists" in order to survive. That is why the history of the theory of evolution is full of hoax fossils that have subsequently been removed from the literature and other untrue reports. Indeed, every fossil produced as evidence for evolution in recent years has been refuted, and every lie about evolution that has been published has been scientifically disproved.

Works need to be done to stop Darwinist propaganda

One of the first steps in the intellectual struggle against the separatist terrorist organization the PKK must be to bring Darwinist propaganda to a halt. The state must be prevented by law from providing education on its own radio and television stations, under the influence of the Darwinist dictatorship, that feeds the ideology of the PKK, that is Darwinism, and from engaging in that same propaganda. Therefore, the support that the state gives to Darwinist ideology by its own hand must first be cut off.

darwınizmle ilmi mücadele

The Constitution must be amended so that the scientific facts of Creation are taught alongside Darwinism in the curriculum

Due to the pressure from the Darwinist dictatorship that currently controls the world, the states make it compulsory for Darwinism to be taught in schools. This needs to be ended with an immediate amendment to the Turkish Constitution. If Darwinist education cannot be completely eliminated in schools, then the Constitution must be amended in order to permit an education program in which the evidence for Creation is set out alongside Darwinism. To put it another way, Darwinism can still be taught as a theory if so desired, but the scientific response to this must also be set out in schools and universities.

For example, if the Darwinist claim that "Life began by chance from muddy water" is to be included in school books, the scientific fact that "Not one single protein can come into being by chance" also needs to be set out. For instance, if the unscientific Darwinist claim that "All species are descended from one another, and billions of transitional species have existed at one time or another" is to appear in school books, then the fact that "Not a single transitional fossil exists" also needs to be set out. Students need to be told, in the face of this Darwinist claim, that there are more than 350 million perfect fossils showing that living things have never evolved.

Under this modification to the curriculum, the evidence discovered by science will be set out in the face of the claims of the theory of evolution. We are not referring to Qur'anic or religious education here. The setting out of the scientific facts is the form that education should in any case take, and this essential adjustment needs to be made at once through an amendment to the Constitution.

Allah, evolution

The scientific invalidity of the theory of evolution needs to be described in the visual and written media, and in books, brochures and magazines

We need to be able to reach every home, school and coffee house, in Turkey in particular, through the television and radio, through books and brochures. It is very important for people to be shown, by all possible means, that Darwinism is the worst scientific fraud ever perpetrated. Various TV channels must be set aside for that alone, and books with anti-Darwinist content must be handed out, particularly in the Southeast. Information programs must be prepared for children, and the true face of Darwinist nonsense must be exposed through radio and television programs.

It is exceedingly important to spread the fact that evolution is nonsense using all kinds of publications and to make everyone aware of this.


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