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The Clown Fish

Anemon balığı

The most interesting characteristic of this fish, which is adorned with brilliant colours, is the place which Allah has chosen for it to live in. The clown fish lives on the branches of a plant-like creature called the "sea anemone". There are poisonous capsules on the sea anemone's branches and fish touching them are either harmed or killed. However, the clown fish never receives harm from the sea anemone. Furthermore, it takes refuge in its branches and protects itself against its predators. A special secretion peculiar to the clown fish protects it against the biting capsules of the sea anemone.

Isn't this astonishing? Unlike other fish, this fish secretes a secretion that prevents it from being harmed by the poisonous capsules in the environment in which it lives. And as if it knows that it will not be harmed, at moments of danger it immediately hides itself among these poisonous capsules. How does it know that other fish cannot approach there or that they are unable to secrete such a secretion? No doubt, neither the brain nor the skills of a little fish can grant it such knowledge. There is certainly a power that teaches it all these; this power is Allah, the Creator of the heavens and earth and everything in between.

Soytarı balığı


32 / total 35
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