Evolution Hoax

Prime Minister Erdogan: ''I told Gaddafi to withdraw.''

What He Said?What Happened?

Kaçkar Tv,  23 February 2011

Adnan Oktar: …Qaddafi must put an end to this inconsiderate stance. Discharging would not be a solution;TURKEY MUST EXPLICITLY TELL GADDAFI TO WITHDRAW. THIS IS SO EASY. TURKEY MUST PRONOUNCE THIS. If he does not withdraw,there is the need totake his arm and take him back ina becoming manner.There is no other solution. The guy has become senile.What can be the other solution?

Kıbrıs Ada TV, 1 August 2008

Adnan Oktar: In the near future the entire world will see this. They will prosper slowly. AS THE ELDER BROTHER OF THE REGION, TURKEY DOES NOT PURSUE ANY INTERESTS. That is, it will have no interests. Turkey will only have some indirect interests, for it will also prosper within the prospering region. But this is a spiritual service; of course this service is not rendered for material advantage. Because it will be rendered as a spiritual service, Insha'Allah the abundance it  will bring will be very beautiful.


Star Gazetesi, 21 March 2011

Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said: “On March 1, I called Gaddafi and told him that he must go. Gaddafi is self-contradictory. What befalls to someone who is not officially assigned to be in charge of Libya was to commit Libya to [hands of ] the one who is officially appointed to be in charge of that position. In Libya, we are not interested in underground sources but in the situation of people. 

2011-08-13 14:58:50

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