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Turkey is also a Model for Syria

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Trabzon TV, 4 September 2008

Reporter: Yes. What do you think of our recent rapprochement with Syria?

Adnan Oktar: Super. It is most important. SYRIA’S AMALGAMATION WITH TURKEY IS NOW A MATTER OF MOMENTS. SYRIA DESIRES THIS VERY STRONGLY, TURKEY TO ACT AS OLDER BROTHER. They want Syria and Turkey to remain as separate states but to be in complete union. This is excellent.Of course there will be no division between us within the brotherhood of the Turkish-Islamic Union. This is a sign of it.

Kon TV, 31 August 2008

Adnan Oktar: In my opinion,AMALGAMATION WITH AZARBAIJAN AND SYRIA MAY HAPPEN IN A FEW YEARS. THAT IS, IT HAS COME VERY CLOSE. But some pressure from the base is essential.That isa messageto the government about the need to be prompt must be given insha’Allah…The same holds true for Syria. Syria desires to unite with Turkey. Iraq already dies for it. For instance Mr. Ahmadinejhad, who is a Shii, came and prayed behind a Sunni imam. This is something never seen. It has not happened during the Ottoman time. He also stated that the meaning of this is significant; it has a political significance…

The Gulf Today, 2 November 2008
Adnan Oktar:
 A Turkish-Islamic Union under Turkish leadership will come into being, insha’Allah, with the unification of the Turkic states and the assistance of the Turkish Union. THIS WILL BE UNDER TURKISH LEADERSHIP, and we are already moving in that direction. The ideal state of affairs is for Turkey to be its leader. … This has long been a duty incumbent upon Turkey. Turkey has always assumed the effective leadership of the Turkish-Islamic world. IT MAKES THIS FELT EVERYWHERE. IT ACTS AS AN OLDER BROTHER EVERYWHERE, EITHER DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY. For example, Turkey became involved in the establishment of the Caucasian Alliance.

Cumhuriyet, 2 June 2011

The opposition in Syria came together in Antalya at a Conference for a change in Syria. During the conference in which around 300 people participated, speakers expressed that they are against an intervention from outside. One of the most important figures among the participants from Syrian Kurdish, Assyrian, Sunni, socialist and secular groups was Malham el Durubi, the representative of Syria Muslim Brothers Organisation.

Durubi stressed that Turkey is a democratic model for Syria and that it is a country that supports all Syrians.

Turkey is also a Model for Turkey

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