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Birds have also ''become homeowners''

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Adıyaman Asu TV, October 26- 2009

Adnan Oktar:  [Bird houses] need to be in every neighbourhood of Istanbul; they must be everywhere. It is a pleasure to watch cats; they are extremely cute beings. They are very lovely. Also they are very fond of cleaning themselves. They do nothing else but clean themsleves day and night. They are very sweet beings. First of all an appropiate environment must be prepared for them. For pigeons too. The poor animals are always hungry. For instance, broad spaces must be devoted to them so that they can be fed. They can feed themselves, then fly away. A lot of bird nests must be built. For instance, while walls are built, cavities can be constructed within them where birds can reside easily. On high walls. That would be marvellous. It would be just convenient for them. Furthermore, a nest must have an entrance and a second floor. Nests with two-floors must be built for them so that they can be protected against rain and cold. That is very pleasant; for instance the sight of a pigeon entering its nest pleases me. That is something marvellous. I don’t understand why everywhere is nothing but concrete. Insha'Allah all these will be accomplished at the End Times.



Sabah, 27 January 2011


Birds have also ''become homeowners''

2011-03-31 21:25:57

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