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Israel starts to demolish the walls

What He Said?What Happened?

Al Baghdadia TV, 5 August 2008

Adnan Oktar: Actually we believe Israel will be in comfort, thus it will deal in trade in that area to the highest degree with ease and freedom. There is a step by step advancement.  My view is, in the near future this aim will become a reality. They will be in comfort, they will be saved within the Turkish Islamic Union, hence Israel will be under the umbrella of the Turkish Islamic Union.  They will also break loose from the terror and violence issues. Its walls will be demolished. At this moment, Israel is in a sort of lock up. Its whole area is secluded with walls. Those walls are going to be abolished. Israel will obtain its comfort, it will be in trade in its region with great ease. The pressure on them will be removed.  Therefore, the oppression Israel has put on other Muslim nations and states will be removed. An absolute peace and harmony era will commence. That is why the number one critical issue in the world at the moment is the prompt formation of a Turkish Islamic Union. 

Kordon TV, 27 August 2008

Adnan Oktar:The urgent formation of the Turkish Islamic Union in that region is a must. The Turkish Islamic Union does not stand for racial supremacy nor superiority, thus it has compassion for the Christians and Jews, it also gives them there human rights… This, first of all, will give Israel an enormous relief. Those people are pressed behind a wall, they are living in a penitentiary and everyday they have fear for there own lives.  Palestine is in an absolute dreaded and poor state, It is a pity, a shame that it has no other solution to it.  American or English intervention will not be the answer for a salvation.  The only solution is if Turkey intervenes and arbitrates this issue. So every passing day this will give us a moral burden. This must happen as soon as possible.



Ortadogu, 16 August 2010

Some walls are being removed

   Radikal, 16 August 2010

Israel demolishes the walls as a gesture for
 Talks Jerusalem


    Haaretz newspaper has announced that Palestine-Israel will proceed with talks 'within a few days, Israel in turn has made a bid to abolish the 3 meter walls governing residential Gilo in the region of Palestine. In 1967, due to the occupancy of international communities, Israel Palestine acquired the residential town of Gilo. Continuing threats in the second uprising, led to Gilo in 2002 being enclosed by walls.  After a speech made by the Israeli defense minister, the walls will be demolished with 2 weeks.  Ehud Barak noted that no residential settlements had occurred, hence pointing out that stability and trust was restored. USA, European Union, Russia, and the United Nations who form the Middle East Quartet, have for a long time asserted pressure on Israel and the Palestine administration for face to face peace talks.    

2010-09-14 21:06:25

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