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Visa removed between Cameroon and Turkey

What He Said?What Happened?


Denge TV, July 3- 2008 

Adnan Oktar: If the Islamic Union is not established, it seems like there are big problems and challenges awaiting us. I mean the Turkish Islamic Union is the only salvation of both Turkey-Turkish world and the Islamic world. Any delay on this matter whould bring a great responsibility. This is a situation requiring a significant conscientious responsibility. They have separated us from our brothers; why should we be separate from Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan or Kazakhstan? This is as irrational as being seperate from Konya or Izmir. Passport and visa must be removed, THE BORDER GATES MUST BE OPENED, and this even applies to Armenia, Georgia, Lithuania and Israel. All of these insha’Allah will be concluded by establishing a Turkish Islamic Union which is happy, beautiful, wealthy and prosperous.

Haber7, July 28- 2010

 Turkey removed visa with another country

2010-08-16 22:33:39

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