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Ottoman went, we fell into darkness

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MPL TV, November 21-2008

Adnan Oktar : THE WORLD NEEDS A NEW OTTOMAN, A MODERN OTTOMAN JUST LIKE PEOPLE NEED WATER. The answer is the Turkish-Islamic Union in the leadership of Turkey, a great Turkish-Islamic Union with the support of Turkic countries. This means Heaven on Earth. This means a great richness economically for Europe, America, Russia and China. Because petroleum and minerals of all Muslim and Turkic countries will flow to these countries. And they will develop their trading with the technical tools and equipment that they supply from them. They will come and open up hospitals and facilities, build roads. And we will go and do useful business in their places of work suitable for business. We will trade technology, science and art mutually. Terrorism will suddenly radically end for sure. There will be no spending for terror. As a result of this, there will be serenity and stability, as well as abundance and affluence, as it is stated in the hadiths, like rain. There will be great contentment. Our age is the age of the Ottoman. The age of Turkishness. The age of the Turkish-Islamic Union. The age of Islam’s morality and justice prevailing. We will see all of these will happen within 10 to 15 years insha’Allah.


Now that you say in the leadership of Turkey and the Turks, is Turkey ready for such a mission?

Adnan Oktar: She is ready. Also historical conditions force her to. Now all Muslim countries and Turkey are disturbed. Turkey is disturbed in itself as well. For example, there is the problem of PKK, the high cost of living. There is the joylessness of our people; our people have lost their joy. Muslim countries are so but this happens in all unsuccessful systems. A headless body does not live. If there is a system with a head, Turkey can achieve the leadership task very well. She has experience coming from the Ottoman, and has mature and well-educated staff. There is a clear-headed, managerial class in Turkey. This means a very successful power, a great power. And there is no one who objects to this. As long as people are happy and get great service from the leadership of Turkey as the elder brother and get great benefit from that, why would they object to Turkey?

Vakit, February 25-2010


Prof Dr. Hüseyin Bouayad, who came to Turkey as the representative of the Fas Mehdi Bin Aboud Foundation for the introductory meeting of the Union of Civil Society Organizations in Islam World answered the questions of Vakit. Bouyad notes that Turkey, Morocco and Africa line is a line of awareness and re-awakening and said, “We should lift this line up again. Morocco is the door to Africa. Relations between Turkey and Morocco have always been very well. We think that Turkey both brought us to life and left us in darkness. You went and we were left in darkness. We have to stand up together.”

2010-05-27 12:28:16

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