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We will achieve peace in the Balkans together

What He Said?What Happened?

Başkent TV, January 13-2009

Adnan Oktar:
Turkish Islamic Union supports peace, love, brotherhood, affection, goodness, courage and devotion. Turkish people are resistant to suffering and aspire for service. They gave order to three continents. They have state experience, empire experience. We want to rule the whole region as the leader of the Turkish Islamic Union by bringing out this experience again, and everybody wants this. The Syrians do, the Iraqis do, Egypt does, even Armenia does, Azerbaijan does, Turkistan does, East Turkistan does, and everyone does. So everyone trusts justice, rationalism, devotion of Turkish people, and Turkish soldiers are loved all over the world.

Turkiye Daily, February 21-2010

Ahmet Davutoğlu, Minister of Foreign Affairs, got together with Vuk Jeremic, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, in Ankara. Jeremic, who stated that political relations between Turkey and Serbia will be supported with economic and cultural relations, also stated that Turkey is going to be the biggest partner of Serbia in the West Balkans.

2010-04-21 12:02:20

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