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Russia demands its Islamic educators to be raised in Turkey

What He Said?What Happened?

Azerbaijan ATV, August 27-2008

Adnan Oktar: Turkey is really a very important country for the Islamic world. It has a structure that both UNDERSTANDS AND PRACTISES ISLAM VERY WELL and VERY WELL ASSIMILATES IT. BUT ALL ISLAMIC COUNTRIES ALREADY ACCEPT THAT TURKEY IS THE COUNTRY THAT BEST PRACTISES AND LIVES BY ISLAM. That is in terms of pureness, general understanding, lifestyle and taqwa, Turkish people are really meticuluos. Most probably, as the inheritor of the Ottoman Empire, it might have been influenced by Ottoman scholars. Allah, in a way, creates this beauty and that is why I think that Turkey is very appropiate for the Turkish-Islamic world.

Indonesia Antara News Agency, September 16-2008

Adnan Oktar: The Islamic understanding told and lived by Turkey has become a very beautiful model for Europe. Europe has a good opinion of Turkey in this respect. It finds it beneficial; It also considers the Islamic model of Turkey as an ideal for the world. This has brought a total solution to the issue. In the leadership of Turkey an enlightened, smart, sincere understanding of Islam will reign all over the world.

Turkiye, July 4-2009

First Patriarch Kiril and then the Prime Minister Putin will  visit Turkey to demand Islamic books and documents for 20 million Muslims living in their country.

Archbishop Kiril, the second figure of the Russian Orthodox Church, is coming to Turkey today. The most important topic of the Archbishop’s agenda will be to discuss if the Russian professors lecturing on Islam in the universities of Russia—a country with a 20 million Muslim population—can receive education in Turkey.

Previously, based on the mutual agreement on this issue, it has already been decided to give support  for books and documents to the Islamic University of Moscow, and to obviate some countries' political approach to the religious education.

It is expected that Vladimir Putin, the Prime Minister of Russia, will also  support the Arcbishop Kiril's  agenda.

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