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Prime Minister Erdoğan: The Same Thing Could Have Happened to Us

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In his conversational programs, Mr. Adnan Oktar states that our Syrian brothers and sisters who have fled the war zone in their country and took refuge in Turkey are in difficult conditions. He reminds our citizens who cause conflict and make complaints because they do not want to host our Syrian brothers that “...we could have been in the same situation and therefore they need to be patient and compassionate” and invites them to compassion.

In line with Mr. Oktar’s statements, Mr. Erdogan said, “The same thing could have happened to us. Please be patient about these problems” referring to our Syrian brothers.

A9 TV:  August 13th, 2014

(Following the incident where a Syrian tenant killed his landlord in Gaziantep the other day, there was a near-riot in the city. A crowded group attacked our Syrian refugee brothers on the street with knives and broadswords in their hands.)

ADNAN OKTAR: But this is a disgrace! How could they do this to guests? This was a disaster and it may as well be a provocation. It could have been a provocation right from the beginning. This is a disaster. May Allah forbid. We need to invite everyone to peace and solidarity. It is clear that this was a provocation. They are guests from Allah. They are poor and needy. It would be a sin. THEY SHOULD THINK HOW DIFFICULT THEIR LIVES WOULD BE IF THERE WERE A WAR IN THEIR COUNTRIES AND THEY HAD TO TAKE REFUGE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY. No one should approach another with a selfish point of view. It would be very cruel. They need to approach others with mercy and compassion. May Allah forbid. IF THEY WERE IN THE SAME SITUATION AND CAME TO TURKEY TO TAKE REFUGE, WHAT WOULD THEY DO? They need to think about this. If they cannot pay the rent, donate that rent to them. Consider it as alms-giving.

A9 TV:  July 27th, 2014

ADNAN OKTAR: BE PATIENT, COMPASSINATE, MERCIFUL. Because this is a huge disaster. Other people COULD ALSO HAVE FALLEN INTO THIS VERY SAME SITUATION. WHAT WOULD THEY DO THEN? THEY CAN THINK THAT THEY ARE IN SYRIA. They come to Turkey. They are accepted anywhere. They are very poor and modest people. They are not complaining.

A9 TV:  July 13th, 2014

Mr. Erdoğan made a call to the people in Urfa saying, “Protect our Syrian brothers.” He said, “I know there are troubles but you are friends and protectors. You have protected and embraced our Syrian brothers in Urfa as guests. Please continue to do so. This is what suits the Ansar (helpers).”

ADNAN OKTAR: Tayyip Hodja is such a blessed person. Look how beautiful his words are. In our previous talks, I have said that they are Ansar (helpers) and Tayyip Hodja is using these words also. Masha’Allah. This suits him.

We look at Syrian refugees there and they live in very difficult conditions. Because there is no Islamic Union and Turkey does not have any financial strength, our brothers live in tents, in misery. If there were Islamic Union we would host them in palaces. First of all, they would not need to escape and migrate as such. We would turn their houses into palaces. Those places would become like London and Paris. They would walk on those streets with the joy and excitement of faith. But you see how they live. There is an environment of pain and suffering. They live but people don't know what it means to live in tents. It is not easy. They are in those tents summer and winter. In that hot weather think about how hard it is to live in those tents. Under forty-five degrees... It is not easy to live. And it is cold as ice in winter. But what else could they do? They can say anything because it is difficult for them. Otherwise death is waiting for them on the other side. They say, “It is better to live like this than death.”


August 14th, 2014: Akşam

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who spoke at the Broadened Meeting of Provincial Heads, said that approximately 2,000 Yezidis came to Turkey and Turkey also accepted responsibility for the care of 20,000  Yezidis beyond our borders.

He said that 1,200,000 Syrian refugees are being taken care of in Turkey and that we are responsible for them as friends and protectors. He told the citizens, The same thing could have happened to us. Please be patient in the face of the problems.”

2014-08-25 23:26:44

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