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Mr. Mehmet Görmez: Without art and culture, there cannot be political power

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Mr. Adnan Oktar is explaining in his interviews that politics cannot end the misery in the Islamic lands. Love, brotherhood and peace - in other words Hazrat Mahdi - will be the solution. With Hazrat Mahdi, the affection, love, and  developments in arts and science will constantly increase.

Mr. Mehmet Görmez also made explanations similar to Mr. Adnan Oktar and he made a speech mentioning that the power doesn’t only come from politics, but there must also be science, art and culture.

A9 TV: February 3rd, 2014

ADNAN OKTAR: People’s souls get hurt from politics. In politics generally there is strictness, quarrels, arguments, so sometimes, in some places, people doesn’t see politics as a source of love. They see politics as the source of the problems and conflicts. But when we say politics, love and affection should come to mind.  Politics should be at love’s disposal,  politics should be at love’s service.  Politics causes fighting, division, needling, making each other sad, and it forces people into a brutal competition all around the world. In the times of Hazrat Mahdi, politics will be the source of love. It will be used to gain love,  insha'Allah.

A9 TV: July 30th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: People don’t understand a world without  trouble, without  sorrow. We have been explaining this for many months. We say, ‘This is the solution’. They say, ‘No’, we will do it with politics.’ It cannot be with politics, it can only be with the Turkish Islamic Union, with Hazrat Mahdi.

As a leader for the Muslims, a spiritual leader called the Great Imam -not a political leader, a leader of love, a teacher of love- should come.

A beautiful person that has influence over everybody and everybody has influence over him. That’s all, there is nothing more. The whole world is in trouble; everybody is on pins and needles. Almost all the people are suffering. To end this, Allah has shown an easier way. Almighty Allah says, ‘Establish the Islamic Union, let me give you relief and blessing. Otherwise I will cause you harm’.

A9 TV: February 7th, 2014

ADNAN OKTAR: For example in Palestine, some religious Jews met with Al Fatah. They have said, ‘Politics should rule over religion’. Are you aware of what you are saying? The old communist, Stalinist mindset, the mindset of Nasser's times. Religion is the soul of the world. Allah gives religion to the world as a blessing. As He created the universe, Almighty Allah has sent down a book to guide us how we can use it, just like a user's manual. He says ‘If you use the world that way, you can be comfortable. But they say, ‘No we will use it our way’. If you use it your way, then this is what happens to the world. The world is destroyed. If you use it the way Allah orders, then it turns into paradise. Industry, science, art, everything becomes perfect; everything becomes peaceful. Everywhere Allah makes people serve Hazrat Mahdi. The division among  Muslims can only be solved by Hazrat Mahdi. The art, science, beauty and esthetics can only be dominant by Hazrat Mahdi.

A9 TV: Septemter 24th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: The salvation of the United States, and the salvation of Turkey depends on the Islamic Union. But an Islamic Union engaged with the Christians. Look, this is very important; totally engaged. This is not a private, special Islamic Union project not only considering  Muslims. Establishing the Islamic Union by being together with the Christian religionists, Christians   day and night. And with a very transparent attitude; based on love, compassion, mercy, friendship, art, science, esthetics, that Christians, Jews, Muslims will live freely and not allowing the bigotry.  But not with vandalism, by convincing, with love.

Akhaberler website interview: November 2nd, 2008

ADNAN OKTAR: The Turkish Islamic Union is what we are talking about. Based on love, away from racism, away from patronizing attitudes. Allah is the Greatest, we are the servants. This is an idea that embraces all the nations and protecting them, embracing the Christians and the Jews and willing to make them a member of the Turkish Islamic Union.

It was not like that before. There was the idea of the Turkish Union but there were some racist elements in this idea. It could be understood as it is the greatest and most powerful race so the other races have no value. Of course, there is no such thing all the races are created by Allah. They are all our brothers. In the Turkish Islamic Union, Russia will come to life. We already want Armenia to join the Turkish Islamic Union. We want Georgia to join the Turkish Islamic Union. We also want Israel to join the Turkish Islamic Union. We have a lot of Turkish friends from Karaim Jews. Even if they were not Turkish, they are the sons of Prophet Moses (pbuh), they are the sons of Prophet Abraham, they are the sons of the Prophets. We kiss them on their foreheads, insha'Allah.  As long as they love Allah with enthusiasm, as long as they beware of what is halal and what is haram, as long as they have love and respect towards the prophets and angels. With that, we will always be together insha'Allah.


Haber Vaktim : March 4th, 2014

At a conference, Director of Religious Affairs Mr. Mehmet Görmez said, ‘You cannot have political power without having power in learning, thought, education, culture and art. This is one of the biggest reason that why Muslim societies are in such a disappointing state today.

The main aim of Islam is to gather people from different races, languages, colors, geographies, cultures  around the same faith, ideal and aim. To make them built the world together and to take away all the enmity and discrimination among the people.

2014-05-06 23:54:50

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