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Rouhani: We Want Everybody Know That Our Aim is Peaceable

What He Said?What Happened?

In his shows, Mr. Adnan Oktar frequently suggests that  Iran should make comforting statements regarding its nuclear program. Likewise, President Rouhani made statements that are consistent with Adnan OKtar’s suggestions.

İran Seher TV:   October 3rd, 2008

Adnan Oktar: Iran is a sensible, historic country. In other words, it is a country with thousands of years of history, of  state experience and most importantly, it is a religious country with fear of Allah and it consists of sensible people. Why would they nuke here and there? Can such a thing be possible at all?  Russia has atomic bombs, they have atomic as many bombs as to destroy the world ten times over, now are we going to be on pins and needles because of it? Nothing will happen. Besides Iran has no intention to produce atomic bomb. Why would Iran develop something that she wouldn’t use? Today which country would benefit from atomic bomb, say Turkey has got 100 atomic bombs, and Iran has got thousands of atomic bombs, where would they use them? Once you use atomic bomb, you can’t use that place anymore. IT IS FORBIDDEN BY RELIGION FIRST OF ALL; There are Muslims there, people who believe in Allah, the People of the Book. No place can be nuked, it is forbidden, and such a thing cannot be done. Therefore it is something undoable in practice anyway. Yet Iran still openly states that they don’t have an intention to develop atomic bomb. Still, as far as I see, America got nervous for once, they got uneasy. So it needs to be explained that it is not possible religiously.

Çay TV:  October 1st, 2009

Adnan Oktar: Making Iran look like that constantly is a plot. Iran will bomb or attack others; there is no such  thing. He stumbled, a slip of the tongue, he corrected it. He will correct it even better; I requested that from him, I kindly requested it, inshaAllah. People will see this in the following days, inshaAllah. Therefore Iran is a country that is source of love, compassion and mercy. Iran has always taken a defensive position so far. It won’t attack any country. Iraq attacked Iran first then Iran had to defend itself. In other words Iran is not a country of warmongers. Shedding blood is forbidden. So using an atomic bomb is forbidden according to Shia religious law, as well as Sunni law and Jaferite law. They won’t use it. But if they want to make use of nuclear energy, let them use it, what’s in it? Is there any country that doesn’t benefit from nuclear power? Let them use it as well, inshaAllah. Why would they develop atomic bomb? Israel  has  atomic bombs, India has them, and also Pakistan has them, also Russia etc., etc. America has  numerous  atomic bombs. France has them, Italy has them. So the whole issue is to eradicate all of them. IN THE TIME OF HAZRAT MAHDI (PBUH) THERE WILL BE NEITHER ATOMIC BOMBS NOR HYDROGEN BOMBS, ALL WILL BE ERADICATED WITH THE WILL OF ALLAH. IT WILL BE AN AGE OF ULTIMATE PEACE AND BROTHERHOOD.

Başkent TV:  March 13th, 2009

Adnan Oktar: ... It is also possible because I believe in Iran’s sincerity. They don’t have a bad intention. First of all they are a Muslim country, and an atomic bomb is religiously forbidden, they cannot use atomic bombs. Because it is not possible to separate good people from bad people. You nuked a city for example, it is inevitable that you kill Muslims there, the people of faith, you kill them all. Islam does not allow it. Unbelievers are separated, so are Muslims. They are warned beforehand. Then a war of defense is waged if it is necessary. Therefore, using atomic bombs is forbidden for Muslims. It is forbidden in the faith of Iran, the faith of Jaferites that is. They can’t use an atomic bomb anyway. They want to acquire energy, nuclear power. Why are you interfering? What is wrong with that? Uranium for example, they enrich uranium to obtain energy only. They can use it. It is strange to tell them not to use it. Atomic bombs  are forbidden in Islam. There is nothing above this. They are religious people. Why would they use an atomic bomb?


January 24th, 2014 :  Hürriyet

Ertuğrul Özkök reported some highlights from the talks between Iranian President Rouhani and journalists in Davos.

“We don’t hide anything about our nuclear program. Our doors are open to everybody because the world has right to know what is going on.  We want everybody to know that our aim is peaceable. It is very important to establish trust between our country and America”

2014-02-23 00:19:28

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