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September 1st, 2013: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: There are many solutions. But be certain that there can’t be any solution but the way of Hz. Mahdi (as). Whatever we say now, all will be in vain. After all, Islamic countries don’t have love and most of them lack love. I mean if your kid is in danger, you rush to save him from the fire without wearing your shoes. They don’t see others as their brothers and they don’t feel pity for them. Even if they are their brothers, they wouldn’t come to their rescue. Egoism and lack of love is dominant. On the other hand, love, compassion, mercy and protection of the Mahdi will be the merits. Allah allows this to happen for people to see the difference, to see how terrible the situation Islamic countries are in and how they lack of love. Most of them, I don’t mean all, but most of them are like that and cruelty is dominant, they are not in a position to give any advice right now.

Then almighty Allah points out the way of Hz. Mahdi as the only solution. When it becomes clear that they can’t produce any solution and that they do nothing but attract trouble and inflict pain upon people, people will say ‘In truth, there is one solution, there is only one solution left, we tried all others, there is no other way but the way of Hz. Mahdi”, inshaAllah.

A9 TV: September 25th , 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: Not without Hz. Mahdi (as), not without love, not without the Islamic Union. They can’t do it, they won’t have the will. There are so many heads;  in Palestine alone there are so many separate heads. Too many heads generates conflict. Opposite views, all of them will say “Let me be the leader” then automatically conflict occurs. Their followers are saying “Our leader is great”, they cannot endure to attach someone else. There certainly will be conflict. Therefore there is not a way other than the way of Hz. Mahdi (as).

A9 TV: August 15th . 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: It is not possible to have a solution with a political approach, without the Islamic Union, without the Mahdi. It’s not possible. A struggle continues, troubles, events continue incessantly and get worse, Allah knows.

In the future days Allah will open people’s foresight, insha’Allah, our Lord will open their understanding. They will understand right away the importance of a leader for Muslims and Islamic Union. It is very clear but they can’t see it, they have a curtain that covers their eyes at the moment. They are not able to see a step ahead, to such a degree. They are not able to see their own hand. Everybody knows it is such a necessity for a leader to lead Muslims and for Muslims to choose a leader for themselves. However at the moment, some Muslims’ perception is not clear, they cannot see. 


January 22nd , 2014: Milli Gazete

Under the headline “Not Geneva but Islamic Union” Milli Gazete made the following statement:

“The tyrant is sometimes America and sometimes Assad. Although their names and their faiths change, their hostility for Muslims stays the same. If it’s not in their hands, they make Muslims fight with each other. As we see, the prescriptions won’t do any good, the wound is becoming gangrenous. If we don’t want to go through such Muslim massacres, the grounds, the solution we need to work for is clear: Islamic Union”

2014-02-02 22:33:55

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