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They supported stoppin the execution in Bangladesh

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After the news about the execution of Abdul Qadir Molla, the leader of Jamaat Islami in Bangladesh, Mr. Adnan Oktar started the hashtag #stopexecutioninbangladesh on Twitter. Mr. Erdogan, Mr. Davutoğlu and also some newspapers and television channels also supported this move.

A9 TV: December 10th , 2013

About the news that last February, at the International War Crimes Tribunal, the leader of Jamaat Islami, Abdul Qadir Molla, who had been sentenced to life imprisonment, was sentenced to death on account of the fact that he committed a crime against humanity during the Liberation War.

ADNAN OKTAR: #StopexecutioninBangladesh. This is a great savagery, a great viciousness, a great lack of character, an appearance of their ignorance and recklessness. Execution is not allowed all around the world?

Execution is being abolished all around the world. There is no need for this infamy. What is his guilt ?  On what grounds  can you execute him? Everywhere our brothers should dwell on this subject. These impudent people think that the world is left unattended. 


December 12th , 2013

Milli Gazete had an article on the necessity of the Islamic Union and made the hashtag #stopexecutionBangladesh a subheading.

Even though he was in Yerevan, Foreign Affairs Minister Mr. Davutoğlu also supported  stopping the execution via Twitter with his consultants.

President Erdogan also spoke with Sheikh Hasina, the President of Bangladesh on the phone and asked them to stop the execution of Abdul Qadir Molla, the Deputy General Secretary of Jamaat Islami.

Yeni Şafak Newspaper supported by making news the hashtag #stopexecutionBangladesh.

On Beyaz TV Tahir Sarıkaya and on Ülke TV Erem Şentürk also supported by accouncing the tags. İHH and Time Turk also supported the tags from the first day.

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