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Abdullah Öcalan: We must take Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) as an example for our works

Akşam, Ocotber 14th, 2013

In İmralı, Abdullah Öcalan met with BDP Group Deputy Chairmen and in his message for  Eid he called for a Democratic Islam Congress in Diyarbakır especially against those factions who are betraying Islam like Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra.

He also said that the Prophet Mohammad’s (pbuh) council works in Medina should be taken as an example and these works should be done in accordance with the spirit of historical characters like Sheikh Sait. He also talked about the congress in which he suggested as follows: “It is very important that in these congress works all our community - including Alawite and Sunni - should carry on deeper discussions and the congress should end with significant decisions and institutionalizations. On this basis, once more I congratulate the Eid of the whole community.”

Also, Haber Türk Broadcast Coordinator Abdullah Kılıç shared a message on twitter as follows; “Öcalan wanted an Islam Congress to be done in Diyarbakır and he has mentioned that he is against Darwin!”


A9 TV: March 21st, 2013

About the letter of Abdullah Öcalan published on March 21st, Newroz Festival

ADNAN OKTAR: We are concerned about Allah, we are concerned about the Qur’an and we are concerned about the unity of the Islamic World. Allah is the commander of all the world. If we are good, the ones on the wrong way cannot hurt us. On the letter written by Abdullah Öcalan, it is clearly seen that Allah guides him. Everything is on the side of Islam and the Qur’an. I think that Abdullah Öcalan didn’t like the mindset of Marxism. As I understand, he has seen the dilemma and the ugliness of communism. He has seen the beauty of Islam and the enlightened understanding of Hazrat Mahdi(saas). He has agreed on Prophet Mohammed’s (pbuh) understanding of Hazrat Mahdi (saas). This is what I see. Our community, our dear brothers in the Southeast are already lovers  of Hazrat Mahdi (saas), they love all of the prophets. When the name of our Prophet (pbuh) is mentioned they say; “Allahümme salli ala Muhammedin”. Their eyes fill with tears. When they see our Prophet’s (pbuh) beard, they become entranced.

Abdullah Öcalan is a poor slave of Allah. The PKK is also made up of the poor slaves of Allah. All  power belongs to Allah. If Allah commands the PKK to “stop”, they stop. If Allah commands Abdullah Öcalan to “talk like this”, then he talks like that, he cannot do the opposite. Everything happens as Allah commands. Nothing can happen other than this. What we want from Abdullah Öcalan isf or  him to ask for forgiveness, to pray, to seek refuge in  Allah, to hold fast to the Qur’an. The PKK youth also should do like this, they should ask for forgiveness. It cannot happen only by leaving the country or by laying down their arms. They should hold fast to Allah. They should hold fast to the Qur’an, they should ask for forgiveness and they should want the unity of the Islamic World. What I would like to say is this, insha'Allah. But in the end there will be a beauty of course, there will be a relief because we are at the time of Hazrat Mahdi (saas). My words are true. I am commentating on the statements of our Prophet (pbuh). I am not telling you anything from my own ideas. I am telling you the signs of the Qur’an and the statements of our Prophet(pbuh), insha'Allah.

A9 TV: February 23rd, 2013

Adnan Oktar: If the PKK wants to do something good, they should turn to the unity of the Islamic World. Let the unity of the Islamic World  be their case. They should ask for forgiveness. And Abdullah Öcalan should also ask for forgiveness. He should ask for forgiveness for his sins, he should start praying, he should defend the unity of the Islamic World. These are the best things they can do. Otherwise, no one should attempt to play games on us slyly and under the counter. All of the Muslims should defend the unity of the Islamic World. Say it, talk about it, you will not lose anything. Say it for once. Let it appear as the headline on your newspaper, make it a headline. Say: “We want the Turkish Islamic Union”. Tell the columnists for example, let them write on their columns. Let each of them write about “the Turkish Islamic Union” for once.

A9 TV: January 16th, 2013

Adnan Oktar: Shall I tell you what the PKK should do? Do you know what would be the best thing Abdullah Öcalan would do? They should ask for forgiveness, they should turn to Islam and the Qur’an. They should read the Qur’an very well. The PKK youth also should read the Qur’an very well, they should turn to the Turkish Islamic Union, they should defend the Turkish Islamic Union. All the region would survive. Everybody would survive. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kurds, Lazs, Circassians, all of them would be in relief. There would be a great economic richness, great social justice, great architecture, great art, great esthetics, great joy, great brotherhood, a great atmosphere like a festival everywhere. They should listen to me. There is no salvation other than this. The others are soggy. Allah wouldn’t allow this.

Why are they trying to show Abdullah Öcalan as if he is nice? If he wants to show himself as nice, than he should turn to Allah. He shouldn’t expect anything from the others, he shouldn’t hope for help. He should turn to Allah, he should pray to Allah, he should ask for forgiveness, he should read the Qur’an, he should memorize the verses, he should understand the truth; and also the other members of the PKK should turn to the Qur’an and Islam, let’s prevail with the Turkish Islamic Union all around the world.

Let all the people run towards peace and happiness, let the wars end, let all the guns be gone  from the earth. Let there be no weapons. Instead of the weapons there can be washing machines, refrigerators for industrial use. Factories can be established.  Let’s make all the world rich and let whole world be in peace. Let everybody be brothers and let the law and justice be complete.

A9 TV: February 27th, 2013

Öcalan said to Altan Tan, who is in the BDP committee; reading from the passages of Prophet Mohammad’s (pbuh) Last Khutbah: “We didn’t give enough importance to the Muslims until today. Islam was taught to us wrongly. My attitude to Islam is not like the Turkish left wingers.”

ADNAN OKTAR: This is very good, very beautiful. Otherwise, may Allah forbid. Democracy is good, freedom is good, respecting people is good. Racism is bad, sectarianism is bad, to condemn  people according to their sects is bad. To revile   people because of their beliefs is very bad.  But these are very good. What does “We have taught Islam wrongly” mean? He says that the real Islam and the traditional Islam are different. What is it? The Islam of the companions. What is it? The Islam, we are talking about this is what is meant here, and it is the cause of the change  everywhere, insha'Allah. His words about Islam are good. These words would be blessings for him. They will mitigate in favor of him. Good. These kind of speeches, this is what we expect.

It is a very unexpected behavior that Abdullah Öcalan is talking about Our Prophet (pbuh). At the end we will see beautiful days. Muslims will go to Heaven. There will be a lot of Muslims. Tne majority of the people in the world will become Muslims; after that the whole world will become Muslims, with Jesus (pbuh) insha'Allah.


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