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President Erdoğan: No matter what weapon is used, in the end they were killed

What He Said?What Happened?

A9 TV, May 1st , 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: Now isn’t that weird? They brutally murder Muslims. They execute by shooting with the machine guns, they break the people down into pieces by bombs, they spray bombs. They spray bullets to the buildings, to the people. They see these as normal. But when it comes to killing with a chemical weapon they say “Oh, this is not humane.” Is it more humane to break down into pieces by bomb? The man is agonizing on the ground, his bones fracture, they smash his face in, his arm, leg chops. Is it more humane? Don’t they like the way of killing? Is it a better way of killing? Because it is a better way of killing, they just watch and don’t find it necessary to intervent. But if they kill in a different way, then they “cannot tolerate” this.  That makes absolutely no sense. No matter how, savagery is terrible. In the end it is a murder, no matter if they are killed by chemical weapon, or in a different way. And humanity should response to this murder immediately. These problems,  in the Middle East and all around the world can only arrive at a solution with the Turkish Islamic Union. So Islamic Union should be established presently.

 August 29th2013, A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: They are fixated on chemical weapons. They burn the people with the napalm bombs and say ”this is very normal”. The kids are blazing. The napalm bomb burns down. It sweeps away the whole neighbourhood. They say “this is legal”. They spray bombs with a purpose, they change the geography of the region, they change the form of the land, it becomes a valley. And they say “this is very normal too.” The shrapnel pieces scratch somebody’s face out  and tear the other’s arm off. They say; “there are normal”. But for the chemical weapon they say:”How can it be? It is not humane.” “How can they murder like that? They must murder like this”, they say. “This way is more polite” they say. This is not a logical statement. There must not be murders like this, all of them are the same. Murdering by chemical weapons is the same as murdering by the general purpose bombs, it is the same as murdering by a machine gun. Syria is a trouble, as a result of Darwinism and materialism. There is a communist government in Syria. The communist government is Darwinist and materialist.

31 Ağustos 2013, A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: Ok, so you sprayed bombs. “We have made such a huge mistake, we will never do such thing again.” Will those men say this? “But if you don’t like killing like this, we can kill in a more suitable way then”, they would say. “We can murder by smothering, murder by burning, murder by cutting into pieces. So we can cut into pieces with a saw. He sees murdering with a saw more logical. They make the people stand by the wall, and stab at them, one by one. And they say that this is normal, because there is a war. But when it comes to chemical weapon, they say “they killed with gas, how cruel!”They kill the people by hitting in their heads with wood, and they find it normal again. They pour gasoline to their faces, and they burn their head, but they again find it normal, because it is war. But they say; “they used gas, this is a very big thing”. “And let us bomb you and you would come to your senses”. But nothing would happen. You are only forbitting one type of murder in thousands of them, and encouraging them to kill in a thousand different ways; you are saying, I disapprove one type of murder. I couldn’t understand the logic here. All of them are savageness. They spray bombs to their faces, they spray bombs to their heads, to their bodies, the shrapnel pieces scratch, and they agonize, but they say that it is very normal. This is what war is, they say. It is obvious that there would be no deductions, they are wasting their money. They are running in circles and they are vainly hurting people.  Mahdi is the only solution.


Sabah Newspaper,  September 12th 2013 

In an opening ceremony, President Erdoğan touch on the massacre in Syria and said; “Is it a crime to use chemical weapons , but not when other weapons are used, even they cause death?  How can this be?  What does it mean? People are killed… “Sir, we are considering this a crime because chemical weapons are used.”  But what if, they kill with snipers, tanks, bombs from helicopters or from planes? This can’t be counted with them. Have a heart! These people killed with the bombs are torn into pieces. When they are killed by chemical weapons you don’t see any blood or bullet trace. But we say; killing is killing. No matter which weapon is used. It can be chemical or other kinds of weapons. Because they kill in the end with all of them, we must consider them in the same category.

2013-10-12 01:22:06

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