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Bahçeli: Everyone that loves their country is a member of the Turkish nation

What He Said?What Happened?

Adana CRT TV, September 30th, 2008

Adnan Oktar:  Leftist-rightist, ALAWITE, KURDISH, LAZ, CIRCASSIAN, SUNNI; IT DOES NOT MATTER, WE ARE ALL BROTHERS, WE ARE ALL SERVANTS OF Allah. Allah has showed us our path, we will respect everyone’s ideas but unity and solidarity are essential. Those who love Allah, those who act in the way of Allah will surely make effort for the betterment of this country and they will do so. Turkey will, Insha’Allah, pursue the goal of the Turkish Islamic Union with success. 

Al Hurra TV,  April 8th, 2008

Adnan Oktar: In my childhood we were unaware of such a concept. We used to hear accidently that someone was of  Kurdish origin and it was none of our business. This system still holds true. WHETHER KURDISH, LAZ, CIRCASSIAN OR OF ANY OTHER IDENTITY, once these people call themselves “Turkish” and speak Turkish, they are Turkish citizens.THEY ARE FIRST CLASS CITIZENS. THERE IS ABUNDANCE IN BEING UNITED. There is malice in disunion. Disunion is something evil. Separation brings forth weakness, pain and torment.

Kanal Avrupa ve ÇAY TV,  January 16th,  2011, 22:00

ADNAN OKTAR:  WE ARE THE SAME WITH OUR KURDISH BROTHERS AND SISTERS.  Before we didn’t even know if someone was Kurdish or not. They had come up with that one recently. For example, I didn’t know that some of my friends were Kurdish, I only found out later. What does it matter if they are Kurdish? WHAT DOES IT MATTER IF THEY ARE KURDISH, OR CIRCASSIAN  OR LAZ?  THEY ARE ALL OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS, THEY ARE ALL THE CHILDREN OF PROPHET ADAM (AS). THEY SHOULDN’T TRY TO IMPOSE THIS ON US BECAUSE THEY CAN NEVER TEAR APART THE KURDISH PEOPLE FROM US, AND WE WILL NEVER LET THEM GO. WE ARE ONE BODY, LIVING HAPPILY TOGETHER. WE ARE HAPPY THE WAY WE ARE. WE DON’T WANT TO BE SEPARATED so there is no need to protract this. We don’t want a federal state either. We don’t want anything that would worry us.  We want Turkish-Islamic union, the Islamic union. As simple as that.



January 29th, 2013, Son Dakika

Mr. Bahceli talked about the mistake of racism and said: ‘If the Turkish nation was racist, Mr. Erdoğan wouldn’t be the prime minister today’ and reminded that Mr. Erdoğan is also of a different origin and continued: ‘Anyone that loves this country is a member of the Turkish nation. Turkish people do not have other lands to go, do not have people to discriminate against or borders to redraw. Anyone thinking otherwise will be disappointed. Islam is all we have.” 

2013-04-22 21:47:28

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