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Turkey will emerge even stronger from the economic crisis

What He Said?What Happened?

Azerbaijan Novoye Vremya-October 6, 2008

Reporter: What can you say about the current global crisis?

Adnan Oktar: NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO TURKEY. Nothing will happen to any Turkic Islamic countries. There will be abundance and prosperity there. After this there will be an age of abundance and plenty, insha’Allah. By Allah’s leave, we are entering the Golden Age. After this the Turkic countries will be happy and joyful and enjoy well-being. The temporary things in this crisis will not affect us, though we of course do not want to see America enter a state of crisis or Christians to suffer difficulties. We will do all that we can on that subject, insha’Allah.

Hürriyet, January 29-2009

Hürriyet at Davos

Foreign Minister Ali Babacan met Emine and Tayyip Erdogan on the pad as they arrived by helicopter from Zurich. Erdogan announced that he would also be meeting with Armenian President Sarkisyan at Davos.

Turkey will emerge even stronger from the crisis

World Economic Forum President Klaus Schwab said: “Turkey has recently carried out very important reforms.
Therefore, THERE IS A VERY HIGH LIKELIHOOD OF TURKEY EMERGING EVEN STRONGER FROM THE CRISIS. As a laicist and Muslim country, Turkey can serve as a bridge between East and West and establish direct relations with both sides. Turkey is also an important country in terms of energy policies.”

Turkey will emerge even stronger
from the crisis

Star-February 2, 2009

The world is floundering in debt
while we have come out of it

2009-02-22 15:01:09

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