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"The Qur"an Hour" on TV

The Department of Religious Affairs has been conducting a detailed project in scope of the broadcast of popular religious programs on TV. The year 2010 has been announced as “the year of the Noble Qur’an” because of being the 14th anniversary of the revelation of the Qur"an to our Prophet Muhammad (saas). The Department of Religious Affairs is also planning to prepare a program that is to be named “The Qur’an Hour” to be broadcasted on TV which is expected to be the most striking one among the other activities planned for this year. Apart from TRT, these programs are aimed to be aired both on national and local TV and radio channels. TRT is also preparing introductory films about the Qur’an and will send them to the local departments of religios affairs to be aired by the cooperation of the local broadcasting agencies.

2010-03-06 00:00:00

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