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The Rise of religion in British Education

The effect of religious groups can now be strongly felt in education in Britain, one of Europe’s leading countries in terms of democracy. A new project from Tony Blair’s government has opened the way for religious groups to contribute to education. At present, one in three schools in Britain are administered by religious communities. In addition, these include 380 out of the country’s 500 most successful schools. Realizing the importance of religion in social life and seeking to raise the quality of life by making use of this, the British government supports these schools with funding from the state budget.
The degenerate condition of many young people, inclined to drug use and acts of violence, as so frequently reflected in the press, stems from the spiritual emptiness in which they find themselves. The British government has become aware of the positive contribution made to social life by the moral values that faith brings with it and by devout individuals. It has set in motion a new initiative aimed at a new generation receiving religious education against extremism in society and that has not lost its spiritual values.

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