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Increasing Numbers Of People In Mexico Are Abandoning Christianity And Turning To Islam

The Indian population of Mexico, which stood at 25 million when the Spanish set foot there in order to colonize it, fell to just 1 million in 1605. The genocide suffered by the native Mexican people is regarded as the worst in history. The reason why that slaughter reached such terrible dimensions is that the native people were regarded not as human beings, but as animals.

The native Mexicans are increasingly rejecting the Christian society that regarded them as second class citizens and that remained silent in the face of policies of intimidation. There has subsequently been a great rise in the numbers of Mexicans abandoning Christianity and turning to Islam having seen the beauties of the latter.

Esteban Lopez, the Spanish secretary general of the Muslim community, issued a statement saying that in Islam the people were rediscovering the culture and values that they had been torn away from.

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