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Minister of Justice Ergin: Pasaports will also be removed

Kanal Urfa, December 12- 2009

Adnan Oktar: Notice thatyesterday, today and the previous day; everyday the  doors of a country with Turkey is removed. Their connections are opened.  Now for instance it happened with Tadzhistan, right? Visas are removed.Notice that first visas are removed.Then the removal of passports will begin; there will be no longer be need for any passports. For instance only identity cards will be sufficient to enter Azarbaijan. In order to go to Iran, in order to go to Pakistan only identity card will be sufficient. Passports with Syria, Iraq, Morocco, Tunusia and Algeria will be removed. What does the removal ofpassports mean? It means that the Turkish-Islamic Union has established Insha'Allah. And there will be no problems left. But of course what is essential is love, brotherhood and friendship Insha'Allah. But Israel will be saved, Armenia, Palestine all Islamic countries will be saved and a great period of relief and welfare will begin Insha'Allah.

Risalehaber, September 2- 2010


Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin stated that visa immunity that has started with Syria and some other countries will expand and gave the good news that very soon passports will also be removed. He also added that serious work is continuing in this respect.

2010-11-07 17:19:00

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