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In Afghanistan even foreign soldiers wear Turkish bands


Kordon TV, July 27- 2008 

Adnan Oktar: Turkey must assert its weight  as an elder brother and thus become  a leader  for the entire Middle East and Islamic Nations as an influential figure. That is because, Turkey is a country of sincere people with sound mind. It is a country of scrupulous people, its army is impeccable. It is a very scrupulous army and they are very meticulous and very well-educated. And they  are loved by all countries and they are loved wherever they go. For example, they go to Iraq and they are loved there. They go to Bosnia they are loved, in Somalia they are loved, people show them respect. People of Afghanistan love and respect them very much. There is something substantial here.That means the entire  Middle East and the Islamic World loves the Turkish Army and the Turkish Public. That means they want Turkey to be the elder brother. So if Turkey emerges as a leader, a moral leader if need be, it must establish itself as the senior in Islamic and Turkish Nations. Therefore the establishment of the Turkish Islamic Union is a must for the entire region.

Aksam, July 22-2010


Davutoglu, Turkish Minister of ForeignAffairs, stated  that foreign soldiers in Afghanistan wear Turkish bands on their arms during their assignments.

2010-09-27 22:43:38

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