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Big Step in Shiah-Sunni Dialogue


 Adnan Oktar:Now everything turns to goodness and beauty. MUSLIMS SHOULD LOVE EACH OTHER VERY MUCH, SHOULD GUARD AND KEEP WATCH OVER EACH OTHER. There shouldn’t be community discrimination. Especially it is important that there shouldn’t be community discrimination or exaggerated acts in discriminations in groups. I mean Muslims in Ahl Al-Sunnah belief should unite in one thought, EVEN IT DOESN’T MATTER IF EITHER SHIAH OR JAFARI. IT IS VERY VITAL THAT EVERYONE TO UNITE AROUND THE QURAN, UNITE AROUND THE SUNNAH OF OUR PROPHET (SAAS) AND COALESCE.  

Vakit Newspaper: So, but you don’t see anyseperation like that... Do you see anything like that? 

Adnan Oktar: Inside the Muslims? I mean even if just a bit, weakly there is. It should disappear. We see Shiah-Sunni seperation around the world. At first sight there isn’t any case like that but at the base it looks like there is. But in time it is important to face it out,  write and talk something about this, for instance to commune with SHIAH AND JAFARI BROTHERS AND SISTERS AND GİVE MESSAGE THAT WE ARE BROTHERS AND SISTERS, WE ARE TOGETHER.

Haber 7, August 8- 2008

Big Step in Shiah-Sunni Dialogue

2010-07-06 22:24:41

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