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Surat at-Ta Ha, 81-89 (Allah is Most-Forgiving to those who keep to the right path)


Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated December 14th, 2011


ADNAN OKTAR: What does Almighty Allah say in the 81st Verse of Surat at-Taha; "We said:) Eat of the pure, wholesome things that We have provided for you but do not exceed the bounds therein (by wastefulness, ingratitude, unlawful earnings, and the like). Otherwise My condemnation will justly fall upon you.." For instance the man goes and eats pork meat. They go and eat filthy things, etc. "Otherwise My condemnation will justly fall upon you,; and upon whoever My wrath falls, he has indeed thrown himself into ruin." Allah says that they will be disgraced. For instance some people exceed the bounds therein and Allah's wrath falls upon them. And they fall head over heels. I seek refuge with Allah from the satan.

Surat at-Taha, verse 82; "But I am Ever-Forgiving to anyone who makes tawba.. " those who say Astagfirullah and make tawba ".. and has faith and acts rightly.." What does acting rightly mean? Honesty. Those who live by Islam honestly. ".. and then is guided to the right path." But with the condition that they keep to the right path. "Why have you hurried on ahead of your people, Musa?" says Allah. Allah passes on to this verse. "Why have you hurried on ahead of your people, Musa?" The leader should definitely  be heading his community at all times. "He said, They are following in my tracks. I have hurried on ahead to you, My Lord, to gain Your good pleasure. Allah said, 'We tried your people after you left and the Samiri has misguided them'." That is the hypocrite of that time. "Musa returned to his people in anger and great sorrow. He said, 'My people, did not your Lord make you a handsome promise'?" For instance Allah makes us a handsome promise as well. He promises us the Unity of Islam, the system of the Mahdi, the coming back of the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh).

"Did the fulfillment of the contract seem too long to you.." the men find it to be too long. ".. or did you want to unleash your Lord's anger upon yourselves, so you broke your promise to me'?"  I seek refuge with Allah from the satan ; "They said, 'We did not break our promise to you of our own volition. But we were weighed down with the heavy loads of the people's [the Egyptian people's] jewelry and we threw them in, for that is what the Samari did'." They all melt their gold and jewelries. "Then he produced a calf for them, a physical form which made a lowing sound. So they said, 'This is your god-and Musa's god as well, but he forgot'." They accuse the Prophet with forgetfulness, may Allah forbid. "Could they not see that it did not reply to them and that it possessed no power to either harm or benefit them?" That idol they made up, for instance Darwinism as well is an idol for them and it has no power either. It is an idol based on coincidences. Even though it has no power on its own, they fail to see that. Look Allah says; "Could they not see that it did not reply to them and that it possessed no power to either harm or benefit them?" Do they not see that this is an idol? Darwinists as well believe that coincidence is an idol. And they abide by that. 

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