Evolution Hoax

Surah Ghafir, 4-14

“No one disputes Allah’s Signs except those who are unbelievers. Do not let their free movement about the earth deceive you.”

Darwinists and materialists are very busy at the moment. Do not be deceived by the way they hold conferences and open book stores and work on television. Allah tells you not to be influenced by them. This is also a verse showing the importance of signs leading to faith. It is one of hundreds of verses showing that faith is the main issue.

Surah Ghafir, 5

“The people of Noah denied the truth before them, and the Confederates after them. Every nation planned to seize its Messenger and used false arguments to rebut the truth. So I seized them, and how was My retribution!” Once again, the importance of signs leading to faith. Whenever a mahdi or prophet appeared, people always opposed them. Against Islam and the Qur’an, using Darwinism and materialism as a pretext. What was the first thing they suffered? Unhappiness, joylessness. A Darwinist and materialist always suffers terribly. They hate themselves and the people around them. That is the effect of Darwinism and materialism.

Surah Ghafir, 8

"Our Lord, admit them to the Gardens of Eden You have promised them, and all of their parents, wives...” Who does the believer enter paradise with? With their fathers and spouses. So what must we pay attention to when we get married? Not to money and fame, but to faith. Because you are choosing the spouse you will spend your eternal life with. If you get married at 20, the woman will be 40 after the passage of two decades. But there you will be forever young with your spouse, for a quadrillion, quadrillion, years, trillions of years. You choose a spouse in that way. So faithfulness must be the most important thing. A believer must observe the greatest extent of Allah’s approval when marrying. It is not good regarding a spouse as a kind of social security. The woman’s duty, as a servant, is to be the man’s companion in the hereafter. They have been created to strive together for Allah’s approval. Of course there are things about them that will please one another. “He created spouses for you of your own kind so that you might find tranquillity in them,” Allah says. But that comes from deep love and takwa. Otherwise tensions arise. That is why people who do not believe in Allah end up in hell when they get married. Many people hate their spouses, as you know. Allah transforms them into pain and suffering. But a believer is unwilling to be separated from his spouse for a minute or even a second. He embraces her and is eased, he loves her and is eased. That is why Allah says in one verse, “Among His Signs is that He created spouses for you of your own kind so that you might find tranquillity in them. And He has placed affection and compassion between you.” “He created spouses for you of your own kind so that you might find tranquillity in them” Otherwise what happens? Allah creates tensions. But peace and joy ensue when the believer is righteous. “all of their parents, wives and children who acted rightly. Truly You are the Almighty, the All-Wise....”

 Our forebears. 

Surah Ghafir, 9

"And safeguard them from evil acts.Those You safeguard from evil acts are truly the recipients of Your mercy on that Day. That is the Mighty Victory.”

Surah Ghafir, 10

Those who were unbelievers will be addressed: ‘Allah’s hatred of you, when you were called to belief but then chose unbelief, is even greater than your hatred of yourselves’.” They hate one another. But the hatred of Allah is even greater, He says. you were called to belief but then chose unbelief.”

Surah Ghafir, 11

They will say, ‘Our Lord, twice You caused us to die and twice You gave us life.We admit our wrong actions. Is there no way out’?”

People who believe in reincarnation cite this verse as evidence. But they misinterpret it. Yet we have promised Allah, the prophets have promised Allah. Almighty Allah says. “When We made a covenant with all the Prophets – with you and with Noah and Abraham and Moses and Jesus son of Maryam – We made a binding covenant with them,” " ‘Now that We have given you a share of the Book and Wisdom, and then a messenger comes to you confirming what is with you, you must believe in him and help him.’ " This also refers to the Mahdi, insha’Allah. Because Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) will come. He will help the Mahdi. But when all the other prophets come they will help them. The verse is indicating that at the same time. The second, figurative, meaning may be to do with the Mahdi.

Surah Ghafir, 14

So call upon Allah, making your religion sincerely His, even though the unbelievers detest it.”

Darwinists and materialists may not approve. Hypocrites and polytheists will attack you for saying the Qur’an is sufficient. But they talk nonsense. You say, “Jesus is a person.” But they say, “Jesus will never come.” They blatantly reject Allah’s verses. Some people will reject them out of ignorance, and that is another matter.

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