Evolution Hoax

Evolutionists' transitional form deceit

The theory of EVOLUTION claims that living beings transformed into other living beings by mutations.

However modern science proved these claims to be a HUGE DECEIT. If living things descended from one another by fine gradations in time, there should have been NUMEROUS TRANSITIONAL FORMS. Like in these illustrations…

Transitional forms should have been ASYMMETRICAL, PATHOLOGICAL, ABNORMAL beings as shown in these illustrations. And their FOSSILS SHOULD HAVE REMAINED. Moreover the number of these asymmetrical, abnormal fossils should have been millions of times greater than the number of fossils of flawless creatures yet unearthed, which is 350 MILLION. If starfish transformed into fish, billions of fossils of semi-starfish, semi-fish should have been found.

Likewise these illustrations, billions of fossils of asymmetrical, pathological beings should have been found, which has 3 non-functional small brains in one skull, a mandibula on its forehead, and mislocated eyesockets on the skull. If the evolutionists' claims of transition of dinosaurs to birds were true, billions of fossils of half-dino, half-bird abnormal beings should have been found. Or fossils of creatures with three non-functional spines instead of a functional one, or a branched spine shorter than it should be, should have been found. Organs of these creatures should have been as dysfunctional as their hands and look at least as abnormal as these.

Yet NOT EVEN ONE of the 350 million fossils unearthed is the so-called TRANSITIONAL FORM that evolutionists assert. FOSSILS HAVE PROVEN THAT THERE IS NO EVOLUTION.

2011-01-03 00:24:25

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