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Russian Muslims celebrate birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad

Russian Muslims celebrate the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (may Allah bless him and grant him peace). 

Thousands of people have gathered in a concert hall in Moscow to listen to speeches and watch theatrical performances dedicated to Eid-e- Milad un-Nabi including the life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad. Russian government officials and ambassadors were among the guests.
Performers came from as far as South Africa, Turkey and Bosnia-Herzegovina to take part in the festivities.
Over 6,000 people came to the concert in Moscow to mark one of the greatest holidays in Muslim culture. As well as traditional music and religious readings, there was a showcase of Islamic culture, art and fashion.
This is the 8th occasion that the Eide- Milad un-Nabi celebrations are being held on such a large scale in Moscow and it's getting bigger every year.
2013-02-02 20:38:24
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