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Legacy of a society that believes in nothing

A.N. Wilson, the author of British Daily Mail, commented on the incident involving Mr. Tariq Jahan who had lost his 21-year-old son Haroon, murdered in the Winson Green area of Birmingham by thugs who drove at him in their car in what appears to have been a racist attack.

Wilson stressed that Mr. Jahan, a Muslim man, had the dignity, the compassion and the common sense to demand an end to the violence that had shattered his life.

Wilson expressed that without that sense of religion, human life falls into absolute disorder, anarchy, and unpleasantness and reflected; “In the absence of a moral law, we see a decline in standards in all walks of life.”

Herewith some more remarkable quotations from his column headed “Legacy of a society that believes in nothing”;

 “By contrast, every day, Muslim men like Tariq Jahan go to the mosque and fall prostrate. The moral laws within their hearts — laws which all men, women and children can recognize when they reflect deeply and in silence.”

“I suspect that when time passes and we look back on this week, it is the religious sincerity of Tariq Jahan that we shall remember… The events of the past week have shown the enormous value of a living religious faith… By his religious response to his son’s death, he humanized not only the dreadful and immediate tragedy. He showed us that without a religion we are all less than human.”

Dailymail.co.uk, 13 August 2011

Yeni Safak, 14 August 2011
2011-08-13 00:00:00

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