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Masjid to British Royal Palace

British Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which established a “Media Centre” for journalists at Lancaster House where the “Afghanistan Conference” organized in London took place, also built two masjids for participants of Muslim countries.

Turkey was represented by Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, at the Afghanistan Conference, attended by more than 60 countries’ foreign ministers in London. Hosted by England and attended by approximately 500 journalists from many countries, two mobile masjids for Muslims were built at the Media Centre in the conference area. Lancaster House where the conference took place, is located a few steps further from the Buckingham Place where the royal family resides.

The “Afghan Conference”, organized in London and attended by foreign ministers of more than 60 countries, was followed by approximately 500 journalists from many countries. British Ministry of Foreign Affairs built a Media Centre for journalists at Lancaster House and two mobile masjids for Muslim participants.

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