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Islam to Be Taught in Russian Schools

Classes in ‘Islam’ to begin in Russia under a curriculum drawn up on the basis of experience in Turkey

Russia, with its Muslim population of some 20 million, is drawing up a wide-ranging curriculum regarding Islam for primary and middle schools in the country on the basis of Turkey’s experience of teaching Islam and religion.

Russian officials are examining such subjects as the history of religions and secularism in the light of basic facts about Islam in textbooks on religious culture and moral values taught in primary and middle schools in Turkey.

Russian Deputy Education Minister Yuri Sentyurin and Russian ministry officials met in Ankara, Turkey last week with Minister of State Yazıcıoğlu, Education Ministry Religious Education Director General İrfan Aycan, Religious Affairs Ministry President Ali Bardakoğlu, Ankara University Theology Faculty members and YÖK officials. An increase in the number of bursaries for Turkish students to study in Russia were discussed, while the main item on the agenda was the provision of education on Islam for the 20 million or so Muslims in Russia. The projects involves the first serious and wide-ranging Islamic curriculum for primary and middle schools in Russia. Training in Turkey for Russian teachers and clergy, and in Russia for Turkish scientists and clergy, was also discussed.

2009-03-28 00:00:00

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