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"Sea of Love" Summit from Sarkozy

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who has put great effort to realize Mediterranean Unity Summit, set the aim of the summit as “learning how to love each other”. Leaders of different nations who participated in the summit made speeches regarding their demand for peace.

Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said “I hope indirect relations established with Syria through Turkish mediation will lead to direct relations within the shortest possible time”, implying tense relations with Syria. The other day, Esad also wished the same to whom Sarkozy introduced Lebanon Prime Minister Michel Suleiman.

For Mediterranean Unity, Sarkozy draws a frame, which lies from glaciers of Greenland to Jordan deserts, from Balkans to North Africa, covering 756 million people. Among the basic targets of the Union is to end enmity between Israel and Arab countries, clean up of Mediterranean, improvement of solar energy.

Political steps taken for peace can achieve success to only certain extend. State can protect public places, streets and central regions by means of its security units only partially and can take precautions to decrease crime rates by means of a strong justice system. For ultimate solution, the main thing here is to encourage people to love each other.

Only if majority of societies have virtuous like integrity, sacrifice, love, affection and justice, a permanent peace can be maintained in the world. These virtuous on the other hand can be acquired only by having faith in Allah and living by religious ethics. A sincere Jewish, Christian or Muslim avoids any act fueling turmoil which is a conduct Allah dislikes. True religions forbid killing innocent people. In the Qur’an and in original versions of the Old and New Testament, before they have been distorted that is, an ethical structure based on love, moderation, being gentle, mildness, politeness, loyalty, being considerate, forgiveness and tolerance is conveyed. Jews and Christians from every corner of the world must live in accordance with these commands and adopt a unifying mentality.
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