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''The Ottomans have always opened their doors to those seeking help. Our Prime Minister is doing the same for our Syrian brothers and sisters''

DİDEM ÜRER: Our Prime Minister continues his speech  to the   people of Reyhanli as such : “Our brothers who escaped from the cruel regime of Assad did not come to Reyhanli for fun but they came out of the fear of death. I would like to remind my brothers in Reyhanli of this ; the Turkish people have always opened its doors to the innocent throughout our history. Those who came from Syria are our brothers and sisters. ”

ADNAN OKTAR: Look now,  that’s very important: What does our Prime Minister say ? “This people have always opened their doors to the innocent throughout our history.”

This is unique to Turkey. Not one time, not ten times, not one hundred times. It is so in Europe as well.  For example, there is  oppression and they come to the Ottomans and the King sends a letter saying “ They harm me here. Would you save me ? “ The Ottoman sultans act like a father.

For example there are the Jews in Spain who were oppressed greatly. They told them, “ You will become Christians or we will kill all of you.”  The Ottoman Empire acted like a father also. They got them on board  ships. For example there are places in Turkey with difficult geographical conditions. They could have also send them there; but what did they do? They gave the Jews the most beautiful places in  the city. And they said, “ You are free to live as you wish. “

For example, when Fatih the Conqueror conquered Istanbul, there was only the Greek church. He opened the door to all churches. He said “ You are all free. “ He opened the Armenian churh. He said to the Armanians and the Latins “ You are all free.”

There is a beauty here, as it is a matter of love, because when you oppress people you hurt them. When you give them happiness they become happy. For example, even when you put a squirrel inside a cage, the animal is soon dead as it cannot bear enslavement. For example, partridges die when they are enslaved. They die in a short time. They cannot survive. You can feed him and do whatever you want, but  they don’t survive. They need to be free and so people are comfortable when they are free as well.

In the Ottoman Empire pressure was avoided as much as possible. But with the system of the Mahdi, in the End Times and the time of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), there will be utter comfort and relief. People will say, “ My brother, we have ruined ourselved. Why the need for so much pain ? Why the need for so many police stations ? Why the need for so many police officers ? Why the need for so many prisons ? Why the need for so much bombing, cruelty, hanging and killing ? Why did we do this ? “ They will be astounded by whay they have done.

Because truly there is no reason for all these. A human is a sweet being to be loved. Why do we need wars ? Why do we need fighting ? The world is so vast, so  big. For example, I look at the Turkic countries and there are 3 million, 5 million, 15 million people. There is a land that is several times the land of Turkey. For example, Kazakhistan is very, very big. The land is very abundant and empty as well. There are places with no human populations at all. It is endless. Why are you fighting for ? The whole world is empty. Also it is very green and beautiful. It is calm  and completely empty. Satan and the inner self put people in such a mad spirit. Everyone is fighting over a very tiny piece of land. The system of the Mahdi will eradicate this. This is the quality of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) insha’Allah.

DİDEM ÜRER: Our Prime Minister, continues in his speech towards our brothers and sisters in Reyhanli : “Those who came from Syria are our brothers and sisters. They are here because they believe in us. Don’t respect those who want to chase them away from here. The day when the dictatorial  regime in Syria ends, these brothers of ours will return back to their homes. “

ADNAN OKTAR: That’s it, he has spoken really well. It is very compassionate and rational and generates a feeling of fidelity in people.

One could think of himself as in Syria. He came here and is staying at a tent. He is safe. There are no bullets, no bombs, no attacks. He is in a free and democratic country; and he owes this to a government, a Prime Minister. People would never forget this as a duty of loyalty.

For example, if there are two hundred thousand people there then there are two hundred thousand people who love Mr. Tayyip. Loyalty is a great feeling. A person would never forget a person who saved his life. He would not forget, no matter what. He saved his life. Life is precious, is it not ? If he saved his life, he would never forget him. (Adnan Oktar, May 25th, 2013: A9 TV)




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