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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 13 October 2011


A9 TV;  October 13th, 2011

Love flows from a faithful person to another faithful person. Only curses flow from a faithless person. If one is ruthless, and if his soul is adverse, filth flows from the eyes of a hypocrite. No matter how hard he tries, he can not find love. It is amazing that Allah gives so much beauty to the eyes. What a striking thing it is! Nothing else has such impact. Eyes almost break out in one’s soul. They are astounding. But this holds true only for those eyes that look with love. Allah says that faithful men are for faithful women. This is  valid not only for marriage. This also holds true for friendship and brotherhood, Insha’Allah. Surely, primarily it refers to marriage. Good people take  much pleasure from good people because both of them are honest, sincere and good. Now, you tell the truth but the other party always tells lies. You get bored; he is like a madman. You are sincere but he is not; that would make you feel uncomfortable.

Love is a miracle given by Allah. It has no explanation. It is a feeling that we have in ourselves towards human beings, animals, plants; it is an amazing feeling that we feel in our hearts, souls and  bodies and which also spreads to our limbs. We are unable to express it. Sometimes its dosage becomes very high, sometimes moderate, but it is a very fine feeling. For one thing, it ensures us to live a normal life. This is a very great need. It is a blessing from Allah. Therefore we must constantly pray to Allah. It is the greatest blessing.How nice it is to have faith in Allah and to experience love as a manifestation of Allah. It is something from which we take the most pleasure. It is something with which we are most happy. The finest feeling. Having love of Allah and loving the manifestations of Allah, Insha’Allah. Love is not love without having love for Allah; this is a great miracle. Without having faith in Allah, without having a bond with Allah, without having fear of Him. Whywould it be? It would not. The soul gets locked. Everything loses its meaning for the soul. Allah must  definitely be loved very much; we love human beings because we love Allah. That is because, first of all we become very patient when we love Allah. Without patience, love does not have persistence, we can not keep  it. With love, we tend to see the good aspects of everything. Seeing the good in everything, to make an auspicious interpretation of it. For instance, if one looks in a beautiful way, we make an auspicious interpretation of it. If one says something, we again make an auspicious interpretation of it. We see something unfavorable, then we remain patient and try to correct it. Otherwise we can lose love in an instant. Love is like a very little baby, it is essential to protect it meticulously. Love is not something that we can experience in an easy way.Love is not easy. It demands effort and attention. For instance,one needs to make his choice of words very wisely. Love blossoms very beautifully with good words. Ordinary words do not work. “I love you very much.” This makes no sense to a man, or a woman. You repeat these words as much as you can; you can read them in a book and convey them but they would not have any impact. If you say it with love and  passion, then it makes an impact. The woman understands that they are true, sincere. She understands it from the eyes, the tone of voice, the style. Thenshe feels very impressed. Otherwise the man speaks like a recording. For instance, there are some men, they memorize the words. There are even  books like, “Impressing The Other Party In Ten Lessons”. No, nothing comes out of it. He must not be affected. For instance, I look and see they have taken the souls of the majority of the young people in Europe.

For instance, in order to love, one needs to cherish someone. One can only cherish people with faith.How would it be possible withoutfaith?Once you do not cherish, the man will simply go away. You no longer have any love; it comes to an end. You need to feel respect. Of course we do not mean waiting hand and foot.  That also kills  love. We do not mean it in that sense. Respect is a severe sense of protection; loving fervently, having an intense closeness. Otherwise, not talking, waiting hand and foot is not “respect”. This is “formality”.Formality is one thing, respect is another thing. It makes one feel uncomfortable.Never talking,waiting hand and foot. Is it possible to call this “respect”? If you have a love with crazed fervor, then it means you feel respect. One feels protection; you protect her. You choose your words.

For instance even a seemingly insignificant word, even a word may disturb and give harm to the other party. One needs to be very wise. Every word must be chosen with attention. The guy speaks as he wishes. He causes devastation. That is unacceptable. The human heart is very fragile, it is sensitive. One cannot tolerate nonsense words. That would torment that person in an instant. One needs to be very meticulous.You can also cope with mood which is in devastation with patience, love and compassion. That is one needs toselect his words very wisely.You must make a very good appreciation of the other party. You need to have a very good eye as to  his state of mind and the changes in his mood. At every moment, you need to evaluate his mood from his eyes, from his style and voice and then make the best choice of words. You need to selectthe best sentences. For instance,if you give a little bit higher dosage,  you will ruin it. If you drop the dosage a little bit,you will again devastate the situation.This can only happen by Allah’s help. Allah will inspire, so that you can speak in a sagacious manner and make impact on the other party. For instance in the eyes of a woman there is a tremendous power of passion. This can only be given to wise people. She does not give it to a fool no matter how well-built he may be. For , the guy is two meters tall. What would be different if he were taller or shorter? It does make no difference. Derisive, snob, adverse, irritable, soulless. With artificial looks…they have various artistic looks, they assume fake and insincere attitudes. This irritates a woman, it annoys her. He does not mention Allah’s name and talk about religion. No religion, no faith, no Allah, no Book but a mere, “I love you.”  understand Allah. How will you love a woman? You have no wisdom to love Allah. You are deprived of love to the point of not being able to appreciate Allah. How would one who is unable to appreciate Allah  be able to appreciate a woman? What will he recognize? How will a  person who is unable to notice so many blessings  notice the blessings granted by Allah? If you can not recognize Allah, you can see no one. Allah’s infinite blessings, you are unable to see them. But he says to the woman, “I see you.” You only recognize the interests at hand. Many people have this mindset in the society of ignorance. For instance a girl sees a man and says, “I love you with a crazed fervor.” What is your criteria? You look and see that she gets off from a luxury car. Then has a good profession, he says he has a good job. I earn so much money. In this case, the girl says, “I am in love, I have such great feelings, my love gets deeper and deeper.” What else? He says that his family is also very wealthy. In this case, she becomes more and more attached. Then the guy experiences a bankruptcy. The girl says, “I don’t know what happened to my love; I lost all my love in an instant.” You have never had love. You merely had your interests in mind; with an animal instinct, you have concentrated all your attention on your interests and now that they are at stake, you sacrifice that guy. This is the whole story. It is that simple. Those who come for possessions go for possessions. Those who come for one’s attractiveness  leave for the same reason. Those who come because one is young go again for the same reason. Those who come for faith stay with  faith. Other than that there is no love. The other flies away like refuse. One drifts off to another place where she considers something to be of her interest. 

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